Entertaining Halloween Costumes Based On TV Shows And Movies

Harley Quinn costume by clowngirlcosplays.

Halloween is coming soon — which means you’re sure to be searching for costume ideas. Where will you go for inspiration? The news (please, no)? Music (do-able)? Pop culture (so you can secretly judge anyone who doesn’t get which meme you are incarnating)?

TV shows and movies are always a nice touchstone. Harley Quinn is tracking to be a popular costume again this year, whether it’s the comic book version as above or the more recent Suicide Squad “Daddy’s Little Monster” Harley, like this one by infamous_harley_quinn. (More pictures here.)

You can also expect to see a fair number of Joaquin Phoenix Jokers this Halloween, now that we have a better idea of how he’ll look. People on Instagram are already doing makeup tests and mashup versions of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker:

Joker makeup test by highvoltage_lulu.

Joker makeup test by twocrazyincrime.

Mashup of Harley Quinn and Joker by mizzrychcik.

Speaking of mashups, there have been some funny ones of late:

“Gand-Alf” photographed by Original Funko.

“Chik-Fi-Leia” photographed by Smoove Cosplaya.

“Doctor Stranger Things” photographed by Jason Vann.

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“Hela Kitty” (Hello Kitty / Hela from Thor: Ragnarok) photographed by Arthur Luiz Tavares.

Grimace/Thanos (aka “Grimos”) cosplayed by kittiecosplay.

And this DMV worker dressed as the Sloth DMV worker from Zootopia last year:

That’s just next level, and so is this Doctor Strange utilizing fake hands and LED fans:

These Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, and X-Men cosplayers also went to awesome places:

Shuri (Black Panther) cosplayed by CutePieSensei, photographed by Smoove Cosplaya.

Erik Killmonger (Black Panther) cosplayed by Keith Kelley.

Wonder Woman cosplayed by Alyson Tabbitha.

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