A Beer Lover’s Guide To The Best Beer Bars And Breweries In Boston

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Hey bro, Bawstin is a haadwekin’ —

Sarry, we’re gonna staat ovah.

For real this time. Boston is a city renowned for great bars. It goes back much further than the Cheers era. In fact, it dates all the way to Paul frickin’ Revere.

These days, corner taverns still define neighborhoods. And these bars, from Southie to Harvard Square, often feature amazing beer. The city also plays home to one of America’s most iconic craft brewers, Samuel Adams. If you don’t love the stuff that’s your call, but it’s certainly the independent craft beer that most Americans know and drink, by a wide margin.

This history of independent brewing has seeped into the wider drinking culture in Boston over the decades and helped to define one of the best beer drinking cities in America. Putting together a list of only ten suds swilling establishments in Boston was as hard as those cutting Massachusetts winters. It’s impossible not to leave out someone’s favorites.

Below are the establishments that’ll allow you an entry point into Boston’s beer scene. As always, talk with locals, beer nuts, and brewers. They’ll help to lead you along a great beer journey with these ten spots as your starting point.

The Publick House

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The Publick House, out in Brookline, has a killer food menu. This is comfort food through a well-thought-out lens of modernity and international technique. The food is there to provide a foundation to the stellar beer list at the bar.

There are 33 taps at The Publick House. Five classic Belgians on tap next to five American takes on Belgian classics. This provides you with a unique opportunity to try them side-by-side and judge who really is doing it best. Then there are 20 more taps from around Massachusetts and a few prime breweries in New England. Finally, you’ll find yet another three taps devoted to great German and Irish beers.

That’s all before you even get to the deep bottle list. Enjoy!

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