Weed Strains To Smoke For More Creative And Energetic Sex

Who among us isn’t looking for earth-rattling, shiver-inducing, sensory-overloading, “write a text to all your friends about it”-level orgasms? We want that for ourselves and we want it for you, too. Which is why we’re big advocates for cannabis as a sex enhancer. After all, weed makes music sound better, food tastes out of this world, and turns bad movies into classics — why wouldn’t it enhance life’s greatest pleasure?

If you’re a logical type and more interested in the science of sex-plus-cannabis than poetic hyperbole, there are studies out there that suggest that weed can both enhance your libido and greatly increase the quality of your pleasure. Related studies have also found that stoners have more sex than their non-cannabis smoking counterparts. For more hard (sorry!) data, check our original post on the subject.

For those who are well-versed in the wonders of cannabis and sex, welcome to the remix. This time around, we’re going to offer a targeted approach — focusing on weed strains that will excite the mind and put you into an imaginative, relaxed, and improvisational headspace. The goal is the most creative sex of your life, which is a pretty fun pursuit no matter how you spin it.

Jack Herer

Strain: Sativa
THC: 17%

Jack Herer is one of the weakest weed strains on this list, but when using cannabis in the bedroom it’s best not to overdo it and set yourself up for couch lock. Producing a pleasing spiced herbal flavor, Jack Herer has lovely dark-green leaves, heavily coated with shimmering trichomes, and produces an energetic high that will have you in fits of giggling and feeling heightened senses, making you especially susceptible to touch.

The Bottom Line

It might make you slightly goofy, so share this bud with someone you’re comfortable with. Great for stoner couples and focusing on foreplay, inspiring a creative spark after a single short smoke session.

Check Weedmaps to find Jack Herer at a dispensary near you.

Green Crack

Strain: Sativa
THC: 13%-25%

We get it, nobody wants to smoke, let alone buy a weed called Green Crack, but this strain was around back when weed was still fully illegal in the United States and it’s stood strong for a reason. Named by Snoop Dogg (seriously), Green Crack is fairly tame on the THC potency spectrum, which will keep you level headed enough to make use of the energetic and uplifting properties of this weed in the bedroom.

With palate-pleasing citrus and mango flavor notes, Green Crack won’t kill the mood despite the slightly skunky smell the unsmoked bud produces, which dissipates once lit up. No need to opt for concentrates here, go with the flowers and smoke it up in a bong.

The Bottom Line

Reserve this strain for your wake and bake morning sex in the shower sessions.

Check Weedmaps to find Green Crack at a dispensary near you.

Sour Diesel

Strain: Sativa
THC: 17%-26%
CBD: 2%

Normally, we’d tell you to avoid this one. Sour Diesel, like the name implies, has a sort of sour, chemical flavor to it with citrusy undertones that actually make the whole thing taste even more horrid.

We know, that sounds bad, but stick with us for a second.

Aside from the dank smell and horrible taste, Sour Diesel is actually packed with limonene, a terpene responsible for killing stress, battling depression, and keeping anxiety at bay. Coupled with a dash of CBD, Sour Diesel provides a powerful entourage effect that will help produce intense feelings of euphoria and shiver-inducing orgasms

The Bottom Line

Skip the flowers and go with concentrates for this one. Once you get past the taste, Sour Diesel will have you ready to experience some of the most uplifting pleasure ever. Just use mouthwash after smoking.

Check Weedmaps to find Sour Diesel at a dispensary near you.


Strain: Hybrid
THC: 4%-10%
CBD: 6%-15%

Harlequin is a very interesting strain — do not be dissuaded by its extremely weak THC content either, as this strain packs a whole lot of anxiety-killing, mind-relaxing CBD, which will put you in a hyper-focused headspace. This is the type of CBD you can actually feel, and is a great option for partners looking to engage in the bedroom with a singular focus that won’t get muddied by you know, being super high.

It’ll also relax your body, offer pain relief, and get you ready for anything. If you don’t know what we’re implying well then… you’re probably not looking for a strain like Harlequin.

The Bottom Line

Not really geared to those looking for super stoned sex, Harlequin will put you in a focused, level-headed and creative headspace that you’ll actually remember.

Check Weedmaps to find Harlequin at a dispensary near you.

Do Si Dos


Strain: Hybrid
THC: 14%-30%

Be careful with this one. Do Si Dos is almost always sold in high THC varieties, as its delicious earthy berry flavor and unique hybrid genetics is favored amongst cannabis snobs. Aside from its addictive flavor profile, Do Si Dos produces a rushing euphoric high that will slap a smile across your face and a giddy perspective that’s chilled out by this strain’s relaxing Indica properties, bumping up the sensory experience and producing a long-lasting effect that’s perfect for longer sessions with your partner(s???).

The Bottom Line

For the experimentally minded. Pull out the blindfolds and get ready for a rush of closed high visuals and heightened sensations.

Check Weedmaps to find Do Si Dos at a dispensary near you.

Girl Scout Cookies


Strain: Hybrid
THC: 19%

If you read the entry for Do Si Dos and thought “that sounds awesome, but way too intense,” then Girl Scout Cookies (sometimes known as GSC) will probably be right up your alley. GSC has some of those body relaxing, senses-heightening properties you’d expect from an indica, but is considerably more sativa-leaning than Do Si Dos — with a bigger focus on producing euphoric feelings of well being.

GSC’s beautiful orange flecked rich green buds also make for beautiful looking flowers, so definitely skip the concentrates on this one.

The Bottom Line

Anxiety killing and sense heightening, Girl Scout Cookies will put you in the state of mind to take a chance and try new things. A great starter strain for experimenting with weed in the bedroom.

Check Weedmaps to find Girl Scout Cookies at a dispensary near you.

Strawberry cough

Strain: Sativa
THC: 17%

Strawberry Cough is the perfect strain to reach for if you want the foreplay and action to begin while you’re smoking rather than after. With an intoxicating smell and a berry-focused taste that coats the mouth with sweetness, Strawberry Cough won’t kill the mood with its smell or taste and will produce full-body relaxation almost immediately.

Packed with the terpene linalool, Strawberry Cough is the type of strain that brings out your appreciation for the beautiful things around, that could be a shimmering sunny morning or the way the light reflects off your lover.

The Bottom Line

One of the sweetest smelling and best-tasting sativas you’ll ever smoke, perfect for shotgunning with your partner.

Check Weedmaps to find Strawberry Cough at a dispensary near you.

Sour Tangie

Strain: Sativa
THC: 18%

Sour Tangie gets its “sour” moniker from its cross genetics with Sour Diesel, giving you that same feel-good euphoria heavy high infused with Tangie’s creativity boosting and energetic properties, resulting in a well-rounded strain that feels particularly geared toward getting active. This makes it a great daytime strain, as its sativa genetics will keep you far away from couch lock territory.

The Bottom Line

The same euphoria producing properties of Sour Diesel with an extra infusion of creative energy, great for daytime sex and afternoon quickies.

Check Weedmaps to find Sour Tangie at a dispensary near you.


Strain: Hybrid
THC: 17%

Flo, sometimes known as DJ Short Flo, is a strain all about vibing to the mood. A cross between Purple Thai and Afghani Indica, Flo has heavy indica properties, which makes the high a lot heavier than any of the other strains on this list. Luckily, the strain also has some pretty noticeable sativa properties that take hold once your high stars leveling out, giving you a clear-headed and euphoric high that is highly responsive to touch, both receiving and giving.

The Bottom Line

Flo is all about setting the mood and vibing, so use this strain for more romantic sensory situations. We’re talking good music, great setting, and a fit designed for getting down.

Check Weedmaps to find Flo at a dispensary near you.


Strain: Hybrid
THC: 16%

Does Jillybean have maybe the worst name for a strain next to Chemical Cat Piss? Probably, but Chemical Cat Piss sounds dangerous, and Jillybean literally sounds like a sex toy, so it’s kind of perfect. But a name is just that, a name, so how does Jillybean work as a sex enhancer?

Fantastically it turns out.

A cross between Orange Velvet and Space Queen, Jillybean has a great citrus-forward flavor with hints of tropical mango and does a great job at killing anxiety, making it the perfect strain for those who suffer from slight performance anxiety.

The Bottom Line

If you’re sometimes too in your head for your own good, Jillybean is a great strain to melt away your anxiety and inhibitions and put you in an uplifted mood.

Check Weedmaps to find Jillybean at a dispensary near you.