The Best Cannabis Strains For Summer Concerts And Festivals

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Summer is “best” for a lot of things. Swimming holes. Natural waterslides. Food festivals. Rooftop bars. Pool parties. River tubing. Milkshakes. The list goes on (and on and on). The point is: We’re fans of this time of year.

It’s also the best season to listen to music — whether you’re making your way to a sprawling summer festival, catching bands at your local state fair, or taking advantage of the hot weather energy to check out your local clubs and dives. It’s why literally every act on earth tours in the summer. All of them. And while they play, it’s not uncommon to catch a whiff of weed twining through the air.

Of course, that whiff might actually be emanating from you. If so, you can enhance your experience with a strain that’s well-tuned for shows, festivals, and concerts. The ten strains below are cannabis types that elevate live music and amplify your euphoria. Whether you’re on your feet cheering, dancing your ass off as your faves hit the stage, or waiting tensely for the beat to drop — we got you. As always, be aware of the rules surrounding cannabis use in your city and don’t do anything that could get you in legal trouble. Cannabis is a fun; jail isn’t.

Green Crack

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Originally dubbed “Cush” by its growers, this strain was renamed “Green Crack” by cannabis celebrity Snoop Dogg after he got a load of its powerful sativa effects. It does lean indica on the physical side of things, but everything else is an intense, energetic high that screams sativa. People bunched in a festival crowd will love this strain because it increases their ability to focus on the performances and to be inspired creatively by them. Plus, it causes psychedelic effects — so expect visual and audio distortions to add to the fun.

This strain has citrus notes in its scent, as well as earthy, woody undertones. When smoked, the flavor is a bit sweet mango, a bit hashy, and a bit spicy. It’s very smooth, too — which makes it easy to use without coughing up a lung in front of all your new show friends.


We have to be honest and say that we are fully behind your use of genuine LSD at a show or festival. But this particular instance, we’re talking about the indica-dominant cannabis strain that goes by the same name. Despite being an indica, this strain delivers big on feelings of happiness and mental stimulation. It also offers a vivid psychedelic set of effects that can enhance any live musical performance from deep house to shoegaze. You’ll understand what you’re hearing in a way that never occurred to you before, and that’s cool as hell.

This is a decent tasting strain that has a lot of piney earthiness and dank skunkiness. It’s also a little bit citrus-flavored, so much so that people compare it to biting into an orange or grapefruit. We might not go that far. It still ultimately tastes like weed. But we’re still big fans of the bubblegum sweetness that lingers at the end of an exhale.


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