These Paloma Recipes Will Leave You Hyped For A Tequila-Filled Summer

Uproxx/Getty Images

If you enjoy classic cocktails, you’ll find quite a few worthy of summer consumption. You have your usual suspects like the iconic gin & tonic, the margarita, the mojito, and the beloved Negroni. But as we look ahead to warmer days, there’s no drink that we feel better encapsulates the spirit of summer ’19 quite like the Paloma.

This tequila-based drink often plays proverbial second fiddle to the aforementioned margarita. But in our opinion, these are far-less sugary and much cleaner on the palate. The combination of tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and soda water combine to create the perfect summer refresher. It’s zesty, full of citrus flavor, with just the right amount of booze to keep you smiling as temps rise.

One of the greatest aspects of this cocktail is its ability to adapt to different flavors with the addition or subtraction of certain ingredients. Check out some of the most mouth-watering Paloma recipes on earth below.