The Essential Theme Parks In Every Midwestern State

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07.11.18 16 Comments


If you’ve been checking the Life section this week, you’ve surely noticed that we’re listing the best burger and the most essential theme park in every state in the nation for summer 2018. So far, we’ve powered through the West and the Southwest. Now, it’s time to hit America’s heartland: The Midwest. And since many attribute the entire theme park movement to a state in this region, we want to say, “Thank you, Midwest. You are theme park heroes!”

In our deliberations over essential theme parks, we truly looked for places with quirks and history, as well as those that simply make for a hell of a fun day. And boy did we find them all in the Midwest. Check it out.

North Dakota: Super Slide Amusement Park (Bismark)

We’re not gonna lie: If you’re jonesing for a theme park, pickings are slim af in North Dakota. We went with a bit of a gimme: Super Slide Amusement Park. The park has been in business since 1967 and offers a 6-lane super slide, Bankshot Basketball, a Ferris wheel, and other traditional carnival rides.

The entire park is incredibly well kept and very inexpensive because admission is free. Every damn day. It might not be as weird as some of the parks on this list, but when you want a carnival vibe, this is a pretty great one to pick.

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