Black Craftspeople To Check Out As You Prep For Gift-Giving Season

It’s been one year since we saw a major holiday surge in support for Black businesses. At first, it began as a call to action— to patronize local, Black-owned businesses in an effort to support Black economic equity in a tangible way. “Support Black businesses!” then shifted into a slogan, a promise (occasionally kept), and an Instagram caption that felt more and more detached from direct action as the year went on.

But this call to action is still a worthy one. To really change the economic landscape of the nation, it takes consistent support — especially this time of year. So let’s do like Jay and Pharrell and make supporting Black business the new norm. Not out of pity or guilt, but because Black businesses deserve to be celebrated.

Perhaps nowhere is Black creativity brimming with quite so much energy as on Etsy. The community of craftspeople working there embody Black excellence and certainly deserve some attention this holiday season. Check out eight of our favorite gardeners, alcohol infusers, and vintage clothes sellers below.

Hortiki Plants: Eco-Friendly Gardening Kits

If you’re shopping for the green thumb in your family, or if you want to learn how to grow your own food at home, then Hortiki Plants is your go-to shop. They specialize in eco-friendly gardening kits that give you a lot of produce and take up little space.

Hortiki has easy-to-use grow your own kits so you can grow microgreens, kitchen herbs, or even plants for your pet! As an added bonus, the founder, Dr. Victoria LeBeaux shares plant tips on her Tik Tok and Instagram pages.

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InBooze: Handmade Alcohol Infusion Kit

Founder of InBooze and mother of four, Asheleigh decided to create a fun affordable cocktail kit. But what sets her apart from other mixers you might find on the market is that everything is handmade, with no strange additives. Kits include everything you need to trick your friends into thinking you’re a master mixologist — from a simple Moscow mule infusion kit to the more adventurous chipotle-pineapple bloody mary kit.

She even sells full gift sets complete with a shaker and drinking glasses.

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Perpetual Bliss Co: Handcrafted Minimalist Concrete Candles + Home Decor

Founded with the mantra, “Whatever you do, may it bring you bliss” Perpetual Bliss founder Erin Carter creates modern, minimalist decor using industrial concrete and soy wax with glimmering gold foil accents. Erin has a background in interior and retail design that is reflected in the clean lines, neutral color palette, and dreamy aesthetic of her pieces.

While her candles are sure to delight any hygge-obsessed candle lover, her designs truly make her pieces inimitable.

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MAW SUPPLY: Vintage Apparel and Accessories

MAW SUPPLY (also known as “Man and Woman”) is a reclaimed apparel and accessories company founded by Norman and Rochelle Clark. They handpick vintage clothes that give the consumer an authentic 90s experience, but this time with a muted color scheme and inclusive sizing.

Because the team behind MAW chooses the pieces they carry with intention, it’s important to check their shop consistently for updates to their collection

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FILOSOPHY: Metals and Stones for All Skin Tones

Filosophy founder, Ophelia has been crafting jewelry since childhood. Now, she is based in Tulsa Oklahoma where she specializes in modern gold jewelry and stunning gemstone pieces. She recently crafted a line called Margo + Lee, dedicated to the story of her grandparents’ love.

Her jewelry is perfect for those who like warm-toned jewels that layer seamlessly for a modern look.

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Candice Luter Art + Interiors

Candice has an incredible ability to make any interior feel instantly cozy. Her fluid textile art adds depth and dimension to a room, and each is made to order using sustainable textiles. Her works are a perfect combination of art and comfort.

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The Honeydew Drop

Some call Tupelo honey the ‘real honey’ because if you’ve ever tasted it, it has a depth and viscosity like no other honey. What sets the Honeydew Drop apart from other brands? 10% of all proceeds go to Bees Without Borders—supporting small apiaries in the Caribbean.

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Los Angeles-based founder Tenisha is completely self-taught. She specializes in hand-crafted gold essentials, making her jewelry a minimalist, timeless addition.

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