Finally, You Can Treat Yourself To A Dr. Pepper Milk Shake

The year is 2016. Technology has advanced in ways that we could never have imagined. TVs have never been flatter, your phone has never been faster or thinner, and Burger King has finally given the world what they’ve always wanted: a milkshake flavored with Dr. Pepper. The dark days of having to make your own floats at home are finally over and you can emerge into the bright sunlight to sip on a shake that’s been professionally mixed in a restaurant kitchen.

According to Food Beast, the new shake is available for a limited time and is joined by an Irish-themed Oreo shake on the “we’re trying something new here” lineup. The Dr. Pepper shake apparently tastes like a float the person who loves you the most made you (at least we’re assuming that’s what “handspun” means) and the Irish shake is a minty green concoction with crumbled Oreos mixed in (which also sounds amazing).

Check out this dude reviewing the shake as well as discussing Burger King’s other new items–including a super-long cheeseburger covered in butter.

The biggest question — aside from why the shake is so expensive at $2.89 — is why fast food chains haven’t been doing this forever? Why can’t I order a Diet Coke flavored milkshake at McDonald’s? Why is Taco Bell not serving me the Orangina shake I’ve always dreamed of? It’s time to vote with your dollar. Get out there and buy as many of these Dr. Pepper shakes as you can so Burger King makes them a menu staple and then expands into other sodas. (Just not root beer, root beer is the worst.)

(Via Food Beast)