Burger King Just Dropped An Extra-Long Cheeseburger Dripping With Butter (And It Looks Amazing)

If there’s one thing that Valentine’s Day has taught us, it’s that the bigger the heart, the more love there is inside. That’s why Burger King wants to make sure your heart grows to its full potential (before ultimately exploding) by providing you with one more food monstrosity you never knew you needed, but now desperately want.

America, meet the “Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger.” Yep, that’s its name!

While the idea of putting butter on a burger sounds like something that’s right out of Paula Deen’s dream journal, it looks pretty awesome. That’s the problem with these things — they do look good. Just plan on eating nothing else that day, because the number of calories on a burger that’s described as being “two beef patties flavored with a buttery garlic sauce, onions, iceberg lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise and American cheese on a toasted hoagie bun” must be high enough to give even the most adventurous eater sticker shock.

The burger is available nationwide now, but it may not be around forever. Time reports that this may be Burger King’s ploy to try to cash in on the success of Jack In The Box’s ‘Buttery Jack,” but who knows how well it will go? Don’t worry, though: If you can’t get your hands on a burger smothered in cheese, you can always make your own mac and cheese lava cakes or create your own french fry bombs at home.

(Via Time)

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