Jeffrey Donovan Talks Ireland, New Roles, And ‘Burn Notice’ On The ‘Great Adventures’ Podcast

Six years after the final episode of Burn Notice aired on the USA Network, star Jeffrey Donovan says he’d be willing to suit up again as burned CIA operative Michael Westen… for a movie. Not only that, but he has an idea for it.

“I would be excited to do a Burn Notice movie and figure out what happened to Michael, Fiona, and Sam after it all,” said Donovan. The statement came on a recent episode of my Great Adventures podcast (full episode below) while Donovan was promoting his latest film Villains.

The show, hosted out of Smile Radio in New York’s Freehand Hotel, brings in well-known figures from all walks of life to discuss how their lives and work were improved by traveling the world. The discussion turned to Donovan’s summers spent filming the show in Miami, driving around his classic Dodge Charger, and whether he would consider a return to his popular character.

“If you asked me the day after we wrapped,” he says, “I would have thought you were out of your mind.”

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Since the finale though, Donovan has had a chance to take on other roles and has slowly become a bit nostalgic, like us all.

“People who watched the show know that we escaped to Ireland and raised my brother’s son as our own,” continued Donovan. “I would be interested to catch up with where their lives are at this point. I have spoken with [creator] Matt Nix about it and he likes the idea. I have spoken to Bruce [Campbell] and he loves the idea.”

But how likely is it? That all comes down to the studios and Nix. “It would have to come down to Matt, who created the show and would write the movie,” said Donovan. The actor was quick to downplay his role, despite how well the character he created was received.

“Me, as just one of the actors, doesn’t sway anybody,” he said laughing. “It doesn’t.”

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Donovan hasn’t exactly been hiding out since the show ended, with noteworthy performances in his headlining Hulu show Shut Eye, Fargo, LBJ, Shot Caller, and the Sicario franchise as agent Steve Forsing. His most recent efforts include astronaut drama Lucy In The Sky starring Natalie Portman and film festival-favorite Villains alongside Kyra Sedgwick, now in theaters.

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