Cannabis Water Is Coming To Make Your Next Workout Lit

Working out really sucks. Even if you work out daily, getting to that level probably required someone pushing you to get started. Few people really want spend hours at the gym, running on a treadmill like a hamster while watching reruns of Dateline NBC on a TV so small it would be unfit for even the cheapest airline.

Plus, drinking regular water to stay hydrated during your workout is so more lame than a Maroon 5 cover band. The folks at Puration are here to save you from mundane, boring H2O with cannabis water. We already have hemp-flavored vodka and marijuana-infused wine. Why not add water to the weed bandwagon? Let’s find a name: WEED2O! DANKAQUA!

Nope. Puration’s water is called EVERX CBD Infused Water, and it touts itself as “The Premiere CBD Sports Beverage.” Who knows if drinking water laced with CBD is any better than the so-called “electrolytes” found in Gatorade, but we’d all gladly find out. But wait, there’s a catch.

The water is “enhanced” with CBD (also known as cannabidoil), but sadly its drinkers won’t be able to get any of the fun euphoria usually associated with cannabis. It doesn’t contain any THC, but it is known to help with inflammation, anxiety and reduce pain. So, taking a few gulps after working out won’t send you into a Netflix-binging death spiral of cozy-living. Which is good…we suppose.