There’s Now An ‘Amazon Dash’ For Beer, So You Never Have To Leave Home Again

Beer delivery to your door at the push of a button is set to relieve the world of all sorts of real problems, like the fridge running dry at a house party or the terrible epidemic of having to put your pants on. But seriously, if it keeps at least a few frat guys from driving drunk to the liquor store, that’s a win, right? We’d be lying if we said we didn’t already try to order one this morning.

Because the universe loves you and society is just, UK based beer brand Carling has come out with the world’s very first delivery beer button. It adheres to your refrigerator and with a simple press, you can rest easy knowing that cold refills are en route to your front door. And no, this isn’t an advertising gimmick or some slight of hand. The product is already up and running and Carling fans are beside themselves with joy.

The product looks and acts conveniently similar to the Amazon Dash Button, which came into play in the UK just last week, but Carling insists they created the button not to rival Amazon, but rather to increase visibility and brand loyalty. The button also combats the problem online retailers have with shopping cart abandonment. Plus, there’s a whole plethora of items that overwhelm even the most put together kind of person. We wouldn’t want your beer purchase to get lost in the riff raff of paper towels and crackers, would we?

We are totally into the way this simplifies everything and meets this one true and vital need. The only thing we’re left wondering over here is how long it will take something this genius to cross the pond. Come on, American breweries. We are ready and willing. Beer at the push of a button, let’s do this. Until then, we’ll have to settle for Bud Light via app.