An Australian Woman Reminds Us That It’s Time To Step Up Our Résumé Game

Chocolate is a dark morsel of temptation that few of us can deny ourselves. We love to eat it, snort it, drink it, live it, study it, and so, so much more. One very clever Australian woman found something new to do with our beloved chocolate.

Enter Renata Chunderbalsingh. She is in the process of a career switch. As one does in the throes of changing careers, Chunderbalsingh is sending out the résumés. What sets Chunderbalsingh apart from the average applicant is something irresistible — chocolate.

Potential employers have received a nifty bar of chocolate detailing Renata Chunderbalsingh’s various talents and work histories on the wrapper. Inside the foil, potential employers find a standard résumé wrapped around a very edible bar of cocoa-infused temptation. Some may call this tactic bribery. After all, who among us can resist free chocolate? We’d like to think of it as a baller move on her part to stand above the crowd all while sweetening the deal. Much to Willy Wonka’s chagrin, she’s looking for a job in marketing, not as chocolatier.

Overall, innovative and über-clever résumés are the bee’s knees of modern job hunting. New York Career Consultant Lynn Berger states in Business Insider that, “Your résumé has to dress the part. Just like you wouldn’t wear a miniskirt to a job interview, you need to match the résumé to the job you’re looking for.” So take a long, hard look at that white 8×11 you’ve printed your résumé on. You might want to jazz it up before hitting the streets in search of that new dream job.