Photographer Colin Roohan Thrives On Genuine Connections And It Shows

01.06.17 1 year ago

Colin Roohan

As a child, Colin Roohan caught the travel bug early, watching travel documentaries and taking photos with his mom. His wanderlust blossomed from there. Soon, he was traveling all around the world — snapping vibrant photos of people in beautiful places, getting lost in exotic locales, and sharing meals with the locals. But Roohan doesn’t just voyeuristically take photos of his subjects, he hangs out with them and gets to know their worlds.

These connections are clear to the viewer. Each image is intimate in a way that makes you feel like he’s captured a sacred moment in time. And you get to bask in it. When you look at one of his portraits, you feel as connected to the subject as Roohan is. He’s the kind of guy who follows up with the people he takes pictures of, sending them copies as a present. That trust leads to a very unique end product.

I spoke to Colin recently and we discussed his drive to wander the world, lost but not alone, with a camera and a smile.

Colin Roohan

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