Domino’s Reindeer Delivery Stunt Is No More

Domino’s in Japan made headlines with their idea to use reindeer to help deliver pizza this winter, a clever tie-in for the Christmas season. Would it work? Would there be complaints? Would the pizza even stay warm? Nobody knows or will ever know now because the idea has been nixed by Domino’s Japan. And their explanation is very simple:

The reason is that “Reindeer control is difficult”.

Who knew that trying to use a wild animal to deliver pizza would be a chore. The company continues on, promising to keep their reindeer GPS tracker alive while scrapping the real reindeer delivery driver:

We have decided that we can not meet our criteria for reliability and safety. Although it was judged to be difficult in many cheers from everyone, the icon of “GPS DRIVER TRACKER” will be reindeer until the Christmas as announced the other day. On this occasion, please use “GPS DRIVER TRACKER” to see the reindeer design icon which is a piece of dreams.

Of course, as CNet points out, the idea might not have been as solid as the Domino’s statement makes it. The company already had a secondary plan in place for when the reindeer didn’t work out:

Domino’s clearly had an inkling the whole reindeer thing wasn’t going to work because it already had some reindeer-theme delivery bikes ready to go instead. The scooters are decked out with reindeer antlers and plush reindeer snouts on the front. The company even thought to attach fuzzy haunches and a tail.

Forget reindeer, I say. Let’s go for some cooler animals. Want some pizza, but out on the ocean? Dolphin delivery. Just picture the barrels from Jaws, but with dolphins and pizza. Not cool enough? How about elephant delivery? How about we forget drones and we use a series of pigeons to deliver pizza.

You opened the door, Domino’s. Make it happen.

(Via Eater / CNet)