This Dream Job Wants To Give You $100 A Day To Travel To Japan, Portugal, And Iceland


Right now, there’s a high likelihood that you’re browsing the internet’s rare “feel good story” season, as a break from family time. You’re probably neglecting your lunch dish-clearing duties, dreaming instead about some tropical getaway that you dream of visiting. Well, Christmas 2019 just came 364 days early: The new travel startup Noken is looking for CEOs to visit to Japan, Portugal, and Iceland to soak up the local culture.

Before you click away thinking you’re not qualified for such a task, you should know that Noken is just being cute with that job title. In this case, CEO stands for Cultural Exploration Officer. This means you aren’t going to be pulling in a CEO’s typical salary, but Noken is willing to pay for all three trips and give you a daily stipend of $100. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Noken is also letting you pick the best time to travel — since this income boost probably won’t supplant your day job.

Your responsibilities as a CEO include “managing your day-to-day exploration,” or, you know, traveling and capturing it all for the ‘gram. Content will be shared across Noken’s social media channels as well as your own, you just need to be willing to get out of your comfort zone by learning from and experiencing different cultures.

Here is what you’ll need to qualify for the position: Be at least 21, have an interest in new experiences (duh), possess a photographer’s eye, a public Instagram profile, and a valid U.S. passport. Noken wants to know you’re right for the job so your application will consist of tagging Noken in at least five photos of your hometown’s landmarks and local gems, and sharing those images to your Instagram using the hashtag #nokenCEO. The caption should also include an explanation of why you’re the best choice for the job.

Applications are already open and will close Monday, December 31st. The finalists will be announced in January with the final candidate selected on February 15th, so start clearing that calendar now. Check out the full details here, and start gramming!