Electric Paradise Combines Beach Vibes And Local Culture With An Eclectic Sensibility

01.25.19 6 months ago

Chelsea Frank

If you’re someone who travels the world chasing a good party, you’ve most likely heard of Punta Cana. The easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is where you go to sip umbrella drinks, snorkel in the clear Caribbean sea, and party your f*cking ass off.

I ventured to Punta Cana to attend Electric Paradise, a three-stage music festival staged right on the white sand beach of Juanillo in Cap Cana. Imagine bumping and grinding to Major Lazer, Presidente Beer in hand, looking out at a sunset over crystal blue water. That’s the scene.

Electric Paradise lives up to its name: it’s a destination festival done right… in paradise. Here’s why:


Electric Paradise

What makes someone want to pay for a flight and travel across the world for a music festival? Location, location, location. It’s a chance to see some of your favorite artists, but it’s also a pretty dope excuse to see the world. And with some of the most gorgeous beaches that our planet has to offer, Punta Cana is the prime location for a beach lover’s ideal festival. Read: you can twerk to J Balvin while skinny dipping.

I mean, if you can rage to Cardi B, walk fifty feet, and rinse off in the ocean, why wouldn’t you? I literally watched the sun come up after a night of debauchery while floating on a pink raft in 80-degree water. Can’t do that shit at dusty-ass Coachella.

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