Fairy Floss Ice Cream Is The Very Last Dessert Food Trend Of Summer

08.23.16 3 years ago

This is the worst. Food trends are getting out of control and they’re ruining everything. Rainbow grilled cheese? Give us a break. That doesn’t sound good, that sounds like it would make your poop weird. And mufgels? It’s like Gretchen Weiners desperately trying to make fetch happen. This crap shouldn’t be happening. And this latest trend, “fairy floss ice cream” is the final straw. We’re putting our foot down.

Ice cream is sacred. It should be cherished, not dressed up and paraded around like some 7-year-old pageant queen with fake teeth, too much makeup, and butt glue to make her bikini stay in place. Ice cream doesn’t need fake teeth, makeup, and butt glue. And it definitely doesn’t need a web of cotton candy to make it worth your while. It’s a simple pleasure that should be eaten and enjoyed, nothing more, nothing less.

We could deal with the black ice cream that surfaced this summer and we even appreciate the sentiment (but still wonder about the exploitation) over at the Museum of Ice Cream. But with ketchup and mayo ice cream and now this shameless ploy to propel cotton candy to stardom on the coat tales of ice cream, we’ve finally decided enough is enough.

Sure, this fairy floss ice cream stuff is pretty, we’ll give you that.

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