Ketchup And Mayo Ice Cream Is The Newest Thing To Dip Your Fries In

So you like dipping your fries in a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise. No shame in that. And you also like dipping them in drive-through milkshakes. Totally normal. So you would think that ketchup and mayo-flavored ice cream would be the next natural step to fry dip nirvana. Right? Right?

It has us cringing too, but apparently the new frozen treat, available at Taguig, Philippines’ Freezer Burn PH (with a side of salt-and-pepper fries, naturally), isn’t as bad as it sounds. The Philippines-based Inquirer visited the shop and reported that the flavor “really tastes like ketchup and mayo ice cream — and no, it isn’t gross at all…We loved it so much though we normally don’t even dip our fries in ketchup. But who can blame us? It’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s creamy. We can’t wait to eat it again.”

And the reviews from customers are similar — the general consensus about the flavor is that it sounds really weird, but it somehow works.

Ketchup and Mayo isn’t the only crazy flavor from Freezer Burn PH. You can also choose from Corn and Cheese, Butter, Maple Bacon, and Cookies and Junk Food, along with the more normal-sounding Chocolate, Best Mint Straciatella, and Browned Butter Pecan. According to the Inquirer, Freezer Burn PH is planning on working their way up to 45 flavors, month by month. The next planned flavor introduction: burnt coconut, served with the Philippine treat calamansi ensaymada. (Which appears to be some sort of a citrus-flavored pastry, but don’t hold us to that.)

What do you think? Should we bring it to the U.S.? Somehow combine it with that hot dog-flavored ice cream? Or just leave well enough alone and stick to our regular fudge ripple routine?

Check out more customer shots of the flavor below: