Forget All Other Food Trends Because Donut Fries Win The Gold Medal, Hands Down

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Do you love the powdery, deep fried goodness of donuts but resent the effort it takes to open your mouth wide enough to get those circles of heaven in your gob? Are you looking for a more delicate way to scarf down one of the most calorie dense and artery clogging treats ever devised by mankind? Then look no further than donut fries, a delicacy that is taking hold thanks in part to a Los Angeles shop called California Donuts.

Donut fries are exactly what they sound like: donuts in the shape of french fries, served in the kind of fast food container you’d expect to get french fries in. But instead of fries? Donuts. Caked in powdered sugar. Or drizzled with Nutella and coated with sprinkles. It’s a creation that brings tears to my eyes. Don’t ever let Donald Trump say we need to make America great again. This America invented donut fries, and this America is the greatest country on Earth.

Feel your mouth hole salivate just looking at pictures of this fried fry perfection.

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Even if you’re unlucky enough to be far away from California Donuts, you may stumble upon this delicacy elsewhere across America.

But, we have to give props to California Donuts for really taking the look of the donut fry and transforming it from a somewhat shameful food porn item to a classy dessert treat. But what else should you expect from someone who makes caramel bacon donuts?

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Chocolate and Bacon covered 🍩 is a must!

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