This Couple Is Gaining (Then Losing) A Lot Of Weight To Prove That Fitness Experts Are Scammers

Listen, everyone on social media is a liar. If it’s not your friend constantly posting Cheesecake Factory selfies with the hashtag #blessed all over them (which may be a little valid because it’s a good restaurant we would eat all our meals at if we could), it’s a celebrity doing a half-assed job of promoting some ridiculous diet tea they’ve never actually tried, or some painfully yoked Adonis showing off the amazing results the secret to which they could share with you if you just sign up for one of their weight-loss competitions. Everyone’s trying to sell something, and if you’ve ever broken down in your cubicle because your life doesn’t look as good as the lives you see on Instagram, you know exactly how exhausting that can be.

No one is more tired of this type of trickery than Sharny and Julius (the latter of whose facial expressions you may remember from this popular clip), an Australian power couple who take their fitness very seriously and want to make sure that no one on is falling for the lies that “their industry” is trying to sell you. Despite the fact that many of us fully believe that being healthy means having massive pecs and a core that could hold a monster truck, the couple — and parents of six — want to pull back the curtain and reveal that what you’re really buying into is not fitness, but an unattainable image that may be both unhealthy and dangerous. So they’ve gained lots of weight and are publicly losing it in a healthy way to show you what real fitness is all about.

Here are Julius and Sharny now:

And here’s the reality of all those pictures you’re daydreaming over, according to a recent Instagram post that calls out “Fake Fitness Celebrities” for not giving the public the real deal:

Fitness is not about selfies in the gym mirror. It’s not even about abs. Or how much you can lift or what magazine you’re in. Or this bullshit “lifestyle” my industry tries to sell you.

sleeping while you work and only leaving the house to go to the gym. They don’t even see the real world, constantly checking their phone to see how many likes they’ve got on their latest photo.

Fitness celebrities make a living out of going to the gym. Their lives aren’t a lifestyle you can aspire to. They don’t have a real job. The gym IS their job. Most don’t even have partners or children.

And this is just the beginning of their rant, which calls out everything from the fact that most Insta models take thousands of pictures before they land on the best one, to the ridiculous message that you can achieve a perfectly cut body just by “following your dreams.” In the end, according to Sharny and Julius, it’s all about balance. That’s why the couple quietly gained 20 pounds each and just announced that they’ll lose all of that weight in eight weeks through healthy dieting and exercise to get back to their original forms. Look at these people, they love working out more than most of us love our parents:

From The Daily Mail:

‘A long time ago when we came out of our other industries and started in the fitness industry we both said that we would never talk s**t to anyone and always provide transparency,’ Julius said in a live video on Facebook.

‘We have seen fake people teaching people how to look a certain way even though they aren’t doing it that way.

‘So Sharn and I have gotten nice and fat for ourselves.’

Here they are showing off their glorious new bodies:

Both Sharny and Julius told The Daily Mail they’re not foodies and decided to embrace the project by eating as much as they could — an endeavor that started out as painful but ended up being “fun” before turning into “an addiction.” Now they’re losing it all by doing workouts like the one below, in which they spend six minutes exercising with a tray (empty, sadly) and cutting out all fruit, sugar, and other fun from their lives. Through it all, they’re going to be as transparent as possible with the people watching.

Of course, there’s a catch. While Sharny and Julius 100% care about your health, they’re also trying to make a living, so those who want to follow along with their journey at home will need to pay to learn how to do the “fit mum” and “fit dad” workouts the couple has prepared. It’s a little bit like a giant snake eating its own tail — although neither partner has acknowledged that irony — but they claim that it will absolutely be worth it. Having children is not an imperative for doing the workouts, but Sarney and Julius claim that an added benefit of their program — which doesn’t involve specialized outfits, equipment, or a gym membership — is that parents who are participating can show their workouts to their children in order to instill a love of health and fitness into their lives as early as possible.

Julius wants to lose 20 pounds (so he’ll weigh in under 200 pounds) in the allotted time he has, and Sharny will be trying for 28. We’ll be over here eating Oreos and considering a life change (if not committing to this particular one).

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