Cheese Sommeliers And Weed-Infused-Lox Lead Off This Week’s Best Food Videos

There’s a lot going on in the food world. Things move quickly. Something is hot, then it’s gone completely. It seems almost impossible to keep up with the conversation. Farms, burgers, ice cream — there’s just so much food content to keep you sated. We’d like to help you stay on top of things, so we’ve put together a few of our favorite food videos from the week that was.

Ramen Freestyle with Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin Manuel Miranda loves ramen because he’s a human being who lives on earth. Seriously, who doesn’t love an awesome bowl of ramen? Check out Lin’s freestyle ode to one the best foods humanity ever put in a bowl.

A Dessert Tasting Menu

Let’s get the haute-cuisine out of the way. Dominique Ansel blessed the world with the Cronut. Now, he’s devised an all-dessert tasting menu that mirrors our country’s economic history. Seriously. There is a course that requires a floppy disk being inserted into an old Mac and a waffle pops out. For real.

Let’s All Go To Philly!

Philadelphia is on the rise. It’s becoming a major foodie city. It has some serious U.S. history on its cobbled-streets. Just stay away from Paddy’s Pub. Too many implications at that place.

Tomato Ebola

Food stocks are taken for granted by most of us. Going into a grocery store we expect to see mounds of food for us to buy and eat. We forget that food is extremely vulnerable to disease and climate variations. Nigeria is going through a tomato epidemic at the moment which has caused the price of a tomato to soar by 700%. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow to a hop epidemic and you’re IPA was 700% more expensive. There would be bearded-rage rioting on the streets of Portland!

How Much Does A Runner Run?

This isn’t so much shocking as just plain interesting. The video compares an average dude’s heart rate, steps, and stress while working his office job and his food runner gig at a restaurant. The biggest question we have is why would a lawyer need a job running food every night at a restaurant? Sadly, we may never know.

Cheese Somm

Cheese Sommeliers are a thing. It sounds as pretentious as it is delicious. Check out what it takes to get that perfect funky cheese to your plate.

How To Eat A Thali

Eating a Thali can be a confusing and scrumptious mess. You have to get your fingers in there and go for it! At least, that’s how we eat it. Here’s a great guide to what is on your Thali tray. Hint, deliciousness.

Summer Vermouth

Vermouth is making a big comeback in cocktail culture. It’s about time. Vermouth’s fortifying wine and botanicals make for a perfect low-alcohol afternoon drink. Add some tonic and you have yourself a delicious way to get through those long summer afternoons.

33 Ways To Make A Gin And Tonic

Why so serious? Here’s a loving and bombastic example of all the ways you can imagine spicing up your regular old GnT.

Summer Recipe — Spicy Honey Wings

Summer and wings go together like adult coloring books and hipsters. They’re almost inseparable. Check out this easy-to-master double-baked wings recipe.

Eel Chips, Beer Snack

The beer geeks over at Craft Beer Channel continue along their quest to pair the perfect beer with the perfect bag of salty beer snack. This week they adventure into the Japanese wonder of Eel Chips.

Cannabis-Infused Lox — Just put it in my veins!

Lox are amazing. Cannabis is also pretty amazing. Put them together and you have a really, really amazing product. Thank you, Colorado.

Best Noodles In Chengdu

This dude is living the dream. He’s traveling/living in China and eating amazing food. Spicy noodles are one of the best foods ever put in a bowl. Let’s just say, they give ramen a run for their money for best-ever noodles (Shoutout chicken laksa too!). The unctuous chili sauce, the funky minced pork, the crunchy-fresh green beans all combine for umami-heavy wealth of flavor.