This Poor Guy’s Movie Date Bailed On Him By Sending The Most Savage Text


If you’re on a date and you think things are going well because your suitor appears to be enjoying your company, guess again. Because you can always end up like this poor guy whose date dumped him by sending a text from the bathroom and then blocking his number right after. Cold-blooded savagery.

Twitter user Ronoo_, real name Ronald, shared one of the worst dates in millennial history with his followers and immediately went viral. Ronald says he met a woman off Twitter and they seemingly hit it off upon meeting. She smoked his weed and “got high off his supply” before she requested he take her to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. After Ronald paid for pricey movie tickets and ridiculously expensive snacks like a gentleman, the woman allegedly claimed she had to use the restroom and left. Too bad she never returned, instead sending Ronoo_ a savage text citing the vainest of reasons for bailing.

“Hey I’m sorry for doing this. But I really thought you’d look like you do on Twitter,” the woman allegedly texted Ronoo_ before acknowledging the fact that she wasn’t sh*t. “I know you’re probably going to hate me for this and I deserve it but I kind want to be around someone better looking. You’re a good guy and have an amazing heart. I’m sure someone will appreciate that.”

All Ronald could respond with was “Preciate it pimp.” He said he tried calling the woman after her text, but she had already blocked his number like some cold, heartless woman. Obviously, your boy Ronald was pissed about the whole thing and went ranting on Twitter, tweeting, “Bitch I’m ugly on Twitter and in person what the f*ck is you saying?” Maybe she expected dog ears? I don’t know either, Ronald!

I hope he at least finished the movie.