One Of Instagram’s Top Models Shared The Truth Behind Her Perfect Photos

01.17.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

If you’ve ever looked at a photo of someone on Instagram, taken in their taut belly and then felt terrible about yourself, you’re not alone. Why else would so many of us be on diets, spend hours working out past the brink of exhaustion, or, sadly, buying the supplements that our Insta-fitness gurus are constantly trying to sell us? Comparisons are painful and disheartening, but we all know exactly what we’re falling for when we click that heart icon and then lay back on our beds wondering why we weren’t blessed with the genes that would make Superman just a teensy bit jealous.

Except, as we all know, what happens on Instagram is also often complete and utter bullshit. Camera angles, lighting, and even good old photoshop make us believe what we’re seeing is perfection, when it’s actually anything but. That myth was called out last year by Essena O’Neill, a model who went through all her photos and re-captioned them with truthful accounts of what she went through to get that effortless look (often hours of selfies at a time), and it’s being called out again by fitness instructor Anna Victoria, who’s got more than one million followers on the photo-sharing site and has made a career out of being #goals.

In a recently posted photo, Anna Victoria presented two images of herself side by side. One, an immaculately posed selfie showed off her “perfect” body; the other, a picture of the model in the same outfit, showed the reality of what “good angles” can do.

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