J.J. Watt Is Living Every Beer-Lover’s Dream By Getting His Own Personalized Brew

02.12.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Though Houston Texans defensive monster J.J. Watt has cultivated a personal brand of being just a cool, down-to-earth dude who also happens to be a singularly-focused physical freak, every so often even he indulges in the spoils of fame.

For instance, when he recently went on the annual vacation he takes with childhood friends, he stopped by a Guinness brewery where an exclusive one-off beer had been brewed and bottled in his honor. That’s right, this isn’t a cold branding opportunity (though you know “99 Ale” would sell like hotcakes in Houston) — it’s just the beer lover’s velvet rope dream, made possible by J.J. Watt and his considerable celebrity.

The only real question remaining is the type of beer brewed for JJ. Did he get to choose? He strikes us as a Coors man, but if he’s getting a specially-crafted beer, what would he pick? Our money’s on IPA — the usual preference of any craft-beer aficionado — but that’s not quite the traditional Guinness style (although they are no dabbling in IPAs). Maybe it’s just a Guinness with a little extra grit thrown in. Like, real actual dirt that they just tossed in the barrel to put some hair on J.J. and his buddies’ chests. Either way, with that 99 on the label it’ll taste special to all of them.

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