A Jungle Cruise Boat Started Sinking At Disney’s Magic Kingdom — The Rock Was Nowhere To Be Found

One of our favorite Disney attractions is the Jungle Cruise. Sure, it’s not exciting, it’s not “cool” by any means, and some would argue that it’s not even particularly fun — but we live for Jungle Cruise captains (usually an old person) with no comedic timing whatsoever telling incredibly cringe-inducing jokes while we sit back, cool off, and watch some robot hippos emerge out of murky three-feet deep water. All you nerds can keep your Jedi-fulfillment fantasies, we’ll take the chill vibes of the Jungle Cruise any day.

As kitschy-cool as the ride is, ever since Disney announced that they’d somehow be turning the five-minute ride until a full-blown movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt, many have been wondering if Disney would begin revamping the cruise to match the high-octane thrills of the movie. For the record, they won’t be, but we can’t help but think of how many people had the thought “Oh my God did they revamp the ride?!” yesterday at Disney’s Magic Kingdom as a Jungle Cruise boat began to slowly fill with water before eventually sinking.

Photos of the incident have begun circulating throughout social media that capture the moment the Jungle Cruise boat, Bomokandi Bertha, began sinking at 12:30 PM yesterday afternoon at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, causing a 105-minute interruption while passengers were rescued. Luckily, no injuries were reported — so you can chuckle while taking a look at the chaos below.