The ‘Breaking Bad Experience’ Is America’s Methy-est Restaurant… In A Good Way

When someone says “Breaking Bad pop-up” a few ideas come to mind. Namely, a real-life recreation of Los Pollos Hermanos. Or maybe a methed out RV-turned-food-truck serving blue rock candy. Roof pizza? Ultra-sterile open kitchen/ laboratory? A health food joint titled, ‘Jesus Christ Marie, They’re (Vitamins &) Minerals!’?

West Hollywood’s Breaking Bad Experience is none of those things. What it offers instead is a pop-up restaurant that takes a central element of the show — chemistry — and runs with it. Not in some haphazard Cap’n Cook way, either.

While most pop-up dining experiences centered around beloved TV franchises offer little more than set dressing for photo-ops, the Breaking Bad Experience goes a little further — offering all of that plus a bag of Funyuns (literally). There are nods to the show throughout the menu. You can order Schraderbräu, Blue Sky cocktails, or a breakfast plate featuring neatly arranged bacon. The servers are all dressed in meth-safe hazmat suits, and each table is adorned with a chemistry beaker and burette.

It’s no surprise to find that the Breaking Bad Experience was created by the same team behind the Saved by the Bell and All That pop-ups. But it should be said that the brand is upping their game with each outing. Saved by the Max and Good Burger had their premises already in place. And while Saved By The Max’s food was mostly the same greasy stuff you’d expect from a diner catering to high school kids, Good Burger elevated things by brining in burger master Alvin Cailan to oversee the menu.

Breaking Bad, on the other hand, has no real connection to food aside from Pollos Hermanos. So it’s easy to assume that the pop-up is merely attempting to cash-in on the popularity of the show while El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is fresh in the cultural zeitgeist. To which the answer is… sorta, sure (it’s capitalism, after all), but the place mades an effort. A pretty solid one, in fact.