Lucky Charms Goes Into Mythical Beast Mode With Their First New Marshmallow In A Decade

Lucky Charms

In an impressive showing of marshmallow ingenuity, General Mills have manufactured the will of the people in the form of a mythical unicorn head as its first new Lucky Charms marshmallow in a decade.

It began last week with a call to fans on Twitter. Tasked to pick the next iconic marshmallow shape in the long-running cereal by using an emoji, fans eschewed any number of things could’ve possibly been in the running as the next Lucky Charm (including an eggplant or the thinking face). Thankfully, cereal consumers were on point in their voting and the magical head of a unicorn will now be in floating in milk alongside the hearts, stars, clovers, horseshoes, hourglasses, blue moons, rainbows, and red balloons we’ve all come to know and love.

Lucky Charms made the announcement to the delight of fans who probably didn’t expect the winner to be made into a colorful marshmallow so quickly:

Here’s a closeup in all its marshmallowy and mythical glory. Look at its shining skull. Its glorious colors. Its majesty:

In legend, the unicorn represents purity and innocence, which is what a delicious breakfast cereal also represents to millions of people. There’s nothing purer than a relaxing morning, eating unicorn, and considering the day ahead.

(Via The Takeout)

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