The Uproxx Guide To Madrid — Where Eat, Drink, Sleep, Play, And Party

Nothing beats late-night churros coated in chocolate after a night of drinking and dancing at the local clubs or partying at Mad Cool Festival (2024 dates are July 10-13). And while that might sound like a fun rarity on American soil, dancing + churros are like… an average Wednesday in Madrid. A lowkey night, TBH.

As anyone who has been there knows — and Uproxx goes a lot — the energy in Madrid truly can’t be beat. In a city full of exciting nightlife, incredible paella, interesting shops, and more, Spain’s capital is the ideal location if you’re looking to experience… it all. The city really offers so much for travelers. Especially travelers who like to party — as the streets of Madrid are busy well into the night, with locals heading to meet their friends for late dinners, travelers exploring the markets, and people looking to experience the city’s hedonistic side.

From restaurants and nightclubs to markets, art, and (after a whole lot of late nights) where to stay, here are some of the best things to do and see while you’re in Madrid.

PART I — Where To Stay

Hotel Montera Madrid

Hotel Montera
Via Hotel Montera

When it comes to choosing the right place to stay in Madrid, location is a huge factor. Of course, you’ll want a nice hotel with proper amenities, but a great location makes it super convenient to explore the city on foot and can save you a fortune on Ubers or Bolt rides.

The Hotel Montera in Madrid dates back to the 1920s, tying a little history into the boutique hotel. Although it was built nearly a century ago, it’s filled with all of the modern amenities you crave while traveling like strong Wi-Fi, plenty of plugs and charging stations, and a comfortable bed. It’s within walking distance from plenty of cute neighborhoods and things to do, including some local boutique shops, seasonal markets, restaurants, cafés, and more.

In the suites, guests get a nice view of the city and a clawfoot soaking tub, perfect for warming up after a night of exploring. The fridge is even stocked with high-quality jamon and caviar in case you’re feeling boujee AF…because macadamia nuts and mini cans of Pringles won’t cut it.


  • Soaking tub in suites
  • Free wifi
  • Outdoor pool
  • Fitness center
  • Beautiful city views

ROOM RATE: Generally $300-500 per night


Only YOU Boutique Hotel Madrid

Hotel madrid

If you’re looking for something a little more local, this 19th-century mansion turned-boutique hotel is set in a beautiful area of Madrid called Salesas. Their design stuck out to me big time with colorful walls, bold design choices, carefully selected art, and a lot of character. No shocker here — the property won big in the design category at the 5th annual World Boutique Hotel Awards. They have your everyday amenities, as well as some unique ones like the Thai Wellness Room, where they offer wellness treatments from around the world with inspiration from Bali, India, Thailand, and more.

If you splurge for a suite, some of the rooms have giant soaking tubs, which is such a bonus in my opinion that it makes the expense well worth it. There’s nothing quite like soaking in a tub with some bubbles at the end of a long day.


  • Thai Wellness Room
  • 24 hour à la carte breakfast
  • Room service
  • Fitness center

ROOM RATE: Generally $200-600 per night


PART II — Where To Eat

La Braserí

Admittedly, I’m not always a fan of the hotel bars and restaurants. Sometimes they can just be really basic, and you end up with a room-temperature burger and soggy fries. La Braserí delivers delicious food like tenderloin, perfectly cooked and topped with foie gras and tuna belly. They have an extensive list of local wines (I’d suggest the Navaherreros Garnacha de Bernabeleva 2021) and cocktails, like a negroni or an old fashioned, to pair with your meal, too.

It’s a great option, especially if you’re just flying in and looking for something both convenient and tasty.

Chocolatería San Ginés

For breakfast or even a late-night snack, head over to San Ginés for an order of their chocolate and churros. They’ve been around since the 1890s, serving some of the best in Madrid. Their perfectly crisp churros dunked in rich chocolate are a real treat.

San Miguel Market

If you like variety, the San Miguel Market is a great spot to taste a selection of tapas. The market has been around since the early 1900s, dishing out everything from freshly made mozzarella and burrata, to seafood tapas and pickled goodies. To drink, you’ll find a stocked spritz bar (La Spritzeria), Estrella Damm (a famous lager around since the 1870s), and countless Spanish wines.

Street Food & Shop Fare

While visiting Madrid, there are plenty of places to experience the local cuisine. If you’re a fan of calamari, don’t leave without trying the bocadillo de calamares (essentially a calamari sandwich). Lhardy Restaurante is the ideal place to try the city’s famous Madrileño stew loaded with beans, veggies, and plenty of meat like sausage and Iberian bacon.

Of course, the local wines are always a great choice (ask your server for suggested pairings), but they also have cocktails like their famous whiskey sour or a gin fizz. If you’re looking for good paella, Casa de Valencia has a delicious seafood option, definitely big enough for two.

JK Madrid 2
Exploring the streets of Madrid

PART III — What To Do

City Center

JK Madrid 5
Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Explore the city center on your own or with a guide. I highly recommend getting a private guide, especially if you’re interested in history and architecture. If it’s a private tour, it can be tailored to your interests and preferences. Stroll through the city center to see the Royal Theater and Palace, centenary shops, and various neighborhoods.

Street Art in Madrid

Throughout the city, Madrid has a lot of beautiful street art (including lots of work by the famous Boa Mistura crew, which has been covered often on Uproxx). Not only are there murals covering buildings in different areas like the Malasaña neighborhood, but there’s art in the vintage street signs and even the plaques for the centenary shops.

PART IV — Nightlife

Medias Puri

If you’re looking for something unique, Medias Puri is a different kind of experience. It looks like a basic haberdashery, but at night it turns into a raging nightclub full of dancing and a party atmosphere, with cocktails flowing.


Both a restaurant and a club, Panthera has a bit of a Japanese twist and plenty of incredible cocktails. After a couple of drinks, you can spend the night dancing to anything from modern hits to cultural music.

Teatro Barcelo

Teatro Barcelo has been popular since the 80s and is known for their packed calendar of events and concerts. They offer a late-night dance club and often host concerts and rock shows within the venue for guests to dance to.


Gunilla is on the newer side in Madrid, compared to some of the other nightclubs that have been around for a while now. It has a cool vibe with towering ceilings and unique light fixtures, giving the ambiance a touch of elegance. Spend all night dancing to house music and sipping on drinks, or splurge for VIP access if you want to ball out. You’re worth it.

Amazónico Jazz Club/The Jungle Jazz Club

If you’re looking to go out, but you’re not feeling a club environment tonight, the Jungle Jazz Club is a great option. Not only are they known for their good drinks and food, but they usually have live music like soul, flamenco, and more.