McDonald’s Is Making Big Changes To The Dollar Menu

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10.26.17 2 Comments

If you’re someone still in mourning over the death of McDonald’s Dollar Menu, the fast food chain wants to win you back with their glitzy new replacement aimed at cost conscious consumers.

McDonald’s has confirmed plans for a new 2018 value menu which will feature items priced at $1, $2 and $3. The gap had previously been filled by offerings like the McPick 2 menu, so this feels like a sensible evolution in how the Golden Arches pushes their “value” menu items. According to McDonald’s, “almost 100 percent” of owners and operators have signed up to go ahead with the new menu.

“One of the things that we have said to our franchisees in the U.S. is we don’t have to win on value, but we can’t lose on value,” said McDonald’s president Chris Kempczinski on the company’s approach. “And that means we have to be competitive with our investments against a value program.”

The menu itself hasn’t been unveiled as of yet, but at this stage it sounds like what will be featured in the value section is subject to change. Kempczinski says products will “pulse in and out throughout the year” once the menu is launched. The chain will never be able to slay nostalgic memories of the Dollar Menu, so here’s hoping the new value-based approach pans out for everyone involved. (Or maybe has an Arch Deluxe for $3 or something.)

(Via Bloomberg & Ad Age)

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