Morgan Spurlock Of ‘Super Size Me’ Is Getting Back Into Fast Food… By Selling It To You

Morgan Spurlock made his name with the incendiary fast food take down documentary Super Size Me. The conceit was simple, he ate McDonald’s for every meal for a month and always super sized those meals when asked. Spoiler alert, things did not go well. It was a win for Spurlock though. He was nominated for an Oscar and he was instrumental in McDonald’s ditching the super size option. So, it’s interesting to note that the man who so successfully ridiculed a cornerstone of the fast food industry is now, himself, a purveyor of “ethical fast foods.”

Holy Chicken! is going on a test run in Columbus, Ohio later this week. They’ll offer farm-to-table chicken entrees that include the chicken sandwich Spurlock is holding up there and chicken nuggets for the kids. Their philosophy is pretty straightforward: “Everything about the food is made and backed with integrity and openness including closing the loop in sustainability by raising our own chickens.” The company rep continued that “the food is not only hormone free, its antibiotic free, cage free, free range, farm raised, humanely raised and 100 percent natural!”

That all sounds well and good, but let’s be real, it’s still a fried chicken sandwich.

To be fair, it looks okay. We got some secret sauce on the top and bottom, nice cabbage slaw for crunch, and some sliced pickle all sandwiched with a chicken patty in a good looking roll. The only question remaining is who out there’s going to film themselves eating at Spurlock’s Holy Chicken! for a whole month? There must be someone in central Ohio willing to try it.

(Via Indie Wire)