Michelle Obama And Seth Meyers Team Up To Give Advice To College Freshman

Starting college can be tough. Sure, you’re probably pretty pumped to be away from home for the first time but being on your own and starting such a momentous new phase of life intimidates plenty of people.

Bearing that in mind, imagine what it must feel like to hit up a freshman forum on getting advice for how to cope with all the changes in your life, have none other than Seth Meyers be your host, and find out that he’s got the First Lady herself waiting in the wings to share some knowledge.

Such was the case this past week when Meyers hit up Howard University in Washington, D.C. and brought along Michelle Obama to impart some advice on dealing with the college experience. In a segment that aired on Late Night, Meyers met some students individually before calling Mrs. Obama out to surprise his guests, and boy did the surprise work. You can’t necessarily fault Meyers for feeling a bit put off when one or more of his guests is reduced to tears at meeting The First Lady when all he got was a smile and a handshake.

Mrs. Obama talks about music being a good de-stressor, shows off some pretty dope dance moves (which Meyers can’t exactly replicate) and participates in some role-playing designed to remind the kids to call their parents. And when they get around to discussing one of Mrs. Obama’s signature issues — nutrition and healthy eating — Meyers’ proposed diet of all Skittles all the time doesn’t really go over too well.

After this amusing segment and Mrs. Obama doing carpool karaoke with James Corden and Missy Elliott, let’s hope there are more late night TV appearances for The First Lady in the not too distant future.