Notes From ‘Modern Craftsman’ — A Pop-Up Tavern Experience

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I received a DM a few days ago from Matthew Cummings, a glass blower I interviewed for Uproxx last June. “Hey, David! I’m in San Francisco today, stumbling around the city and checking out the beer scene,” he said. “Let me know if you wanna grab a beer!”

It was exciting to hear from Cummings. He’s easily one of the most amicable people I’ve ever spoken with — cheerful, curious, and genuinely interested in hearing what other people have to say. He’s also one of the most knowledgeable beer nerds on the face of the planet, with an encyclopedic knowledge of brewing and beer history. He talks about beer the way historians talk about World War II, or the way liberal arts professors talk about classic literature. Beer is his passion, but more than that, it’s his muse.

Cummings, the founder of The Pretentious Beer Glass Company, is a master craftsman, specializing in hand-made beer glasses that are designed for hyper-specific beer drinking experiences. My favorite of his creations is the Hoppy Beer Glass, an ergonomic glass that features in-cut grips for each individual finger (I love it so much that it’s become a go-to birthday gift for the beer drinkers in my family).


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