This Chef Takes Sustainable Food Sourcing To A Whole New Level

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A great restaurant starts with a great idea. It’s the idea that excites the chef, draws in the staff, and puts reservations on the books. Erik Sun had one such notion while raising funds for one of LA’s most respected restaurants: He wanted to build a restaurant around his philosophies of ethical sourcing and sustainability. It’s an idea borne out of the chef’s own twin passions of hunting and fishing and reflects his love of the outdoors.

As he puts it, “You need to give time to nature in order for nature to give back to you.”

When he’s not in the kitchen, Sun spends his time in California’s kelp beds tracking, spearing, and collecting fish. He hunts in the brush-covered foothills. He believes — fully and completely — that there’s nothing fresher and more sustainable than harvesting proteins yourself. It’s a concept that he takes very seriously.

“When you know where your meat comes from,” he says, “and you have a hands on experience — you’re able to respect it.”

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