A Concerned Mom Thought Magic Grow Capsules Were Drugs And Her Daughter Almost Paid The Price

Everybody has had that most horrifying of text messages come through at least once: the one that means your parents found your treasure trove of alcohol under the bed, or uncovered the speeding ticket you’d slid between two books on the shelf, or figured out where you actually were last Saturday when you told them you had to study for a big test with some friends and would be at the library all night. It is never a good feeling, and usually always results in a stern sit-down at the kitchen table and a few weeks of staying home from all the fun parties.

Sometimes though, a misunderstanding between a parent and child can be the cause of a horrifying message like that and everything works out in the end. That’s exactly what happened to a 16-year old named Ashley Banks whose mom was certain she found a massive stash of illicit pills in her daughter’s bedside table and flipped out. As you might have guessed by reading this far, it was not a stash of pills but a toy more suitable for a kindergarten kid on summer break. You know them, you love them, they’re Magic Grow Capsules!

Not just any normal Magic Grow Capsules either, these one’s were shaped like dinosaurs! So not only does Ashley seem like a good daughter and responsible teenager, but she has good taste in grow capsule shapes. She seems like a Spongebob Squarepants-shaped macaroni type of person so dinosaur grow capsules are the logical next step. Now, there’s a change that Ashley actually does have some random rainbow colored pills hidden in her room away from prying eyes and these just happened to be the perfect cover for the illegal product. But chances are slim that’s the case and we like to assume the best of people so we’ll give Ashley the benefit of the doubt here and say she just really loves grow capsules.

Her mom did get in one last dig near the end of their text exchange about her daughter acting her own age, which is probably the best reaction Ashley could have hoped for after giving her mom a near-heart attack due to some suspiciously shaped play things. Don’t worry Mrs. Banks, your daughter is simply young at heart and will most likely spend some of her college years hunting down cases of Dunkaroos and marshmallow-only Lucky Charms on Amazon. Not that we’d know from personal experience or anything.

(via Mashable)