Travel Destinations Inspired By This Year’s Academy Award Nominees

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There are scores of obvious places to look for adventure inspiration. Travel podcasts, Instagram accounts, and cheap flight sales all do the trick. But for every person seduced by a lithe, tan body photographed against a white sand background, there’s another person watching a film and thinking about how much they want to occupy the same world as those characters. Seriously, New Zealand still enjoys the bump of Hobbit-related tourism.

With the Oscars looming, we looked to this year’s crop of nominees to stoke our wanderlust. Read through our guide and find yourself pretending to be Queen Anne in England or T’Challa in Brazil. If movies motivate you to hit the road, these destinations are sure to get you hyped. And if you need advice on scoring airfare, well, now’s the time to do it.

Black Panther: Iguazu Falls, Brazil

With six nominations, including Best Picture and Best Production Design, Black Panther had to make this list. But we can’t exactly point you to Wakanda and tell you about a technologically advanced Airbnb. Instead, we suggest heading to Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfall system in the world and the real-life locale presented as Warrior Falls, where the coronation of the King of Wakanda takes place.

The falls themselves sit in both Argentina and Brazil, so you could set up camp in either country. We like Brazil for the chance to stay at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas — a 203-room property in the middle of 700,000 acres of the national park. This private and exclusive property is famous for strong caipirinhas and perfectly cooked red meat. There’s nothing like eating a beef tenderloin and some risotto as you watch the sunset over the falls from your seat on the deck.

Clearly, you should spend most of your time in the national park and at the falls, both of which provide excellent photo opportunities. Try planning your trip in fall or spring to avoid sweltering humidity or low water levels.

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