The Travel Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram

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Last Updated: February 5th

Instagram has helped level the travel industry playing field. We can all go out and score evocative photos, then post them on our feeds. Still, there are a plenty of brave adventurers out there who’ve thrown off the cubicle yoke and devoted their lives to making art while traveling. They’re celebrating the world while giving us a window into all those enticing places that are over the hills and far away.

We decided to round up some of the best travel photographers on Instagram right now. We whittled a monstrous list down to thirty-five stellar sets of eyes, all of whom capture this world in a thrilling way.

ANDREEA ROSIANU – 4.3k Followers

We have to be honest and note Andreea Rosianu isn’t a professional travel photographer. She actually makes dolls for a living. But perhaps, it is her innate creativity and whimsy that makes her travel photos so likely to please viewers on a deep level and leave them with a smile on their face.

Her photographs don’t stick to the standard vistas a lot of camera-toting travelers capture so well. Instead, her images use muted palettes punctuated with bright colors. And if she is in a shot, she’s usually posing like she is having the most fun humanly possible. Her photos not only make you wish you were there, you wish you could be her. She’s like human Prozac.

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