The Travel Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram

, and 05.07.18 2 weeks ago

Last Updated: May 4th

Instagram has helped level the travel industry playing field. You don’t need a DSLR or a NetGeo contract anymore. We can all go out and score evocative photos, then post them on our feeds. With the booming Lightbox preset market, it’s easier than ever to edit, too. There’s a big asterisk here, of course. Photography is an art and just like any art, it takes a lot of time to master.

Still, there are a plenty of brave adventurers out there who’ve thrown off the cubicle yoke and devoted their lives to making art while traveling. These bold souls roam the world in vans, on sailboats, in helicopters, and by foot — snapping photo after photo. They’re celebrating the world while giving us a window into all those enticing places that are over the hills and far away.

We decided to round up some of our favorite travel photographers on Instagram. We whittled a monstrous list down to thirty-five stellar sets of eyes, all of whom capture this world in a thrilling way. We picked mostly pros and a few amateurs; some with huge followings and others flying just under the radar. All are worthy of your “follow” and sure to deliver inspiration — both to travel more and to take better pics — to your feed.

Here are our favorite travel photographers on Instagram right now:


Danya Schwertfeger surfs, skates, lives in a van, sews, builds, and takes photos. He’s the 21st century’s wanderlust archetype all the way down to the Rumplestiltskin-spun golden straw hair that’s mussed just enough.

Schwertfeger’s photos are glimpses into the great wild yonder. There’s a lot of surfing involved, as that’s one of his main focal points. Where Schwertfeger really shines is in the beauty of the road. While a lot of travel-related Instagram can be reduced to this one GIF, Schwertfeger doesn’t over-sexualize his subjects. Yet, he’s still able to make every shot feel sexy and adventurous.

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