This Clip Of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Making Asian Wings Has People Livid

Can you be too xenophobic for chicken wings? Thanks to The Pioneer Woman, we now have an answer! Hint: It’s a really crappy answer.

A recent episode of the Food Network series has come under scrutiny for the content of its race-themed food “prank.” Thick Dumpling Skin captured a bizarre chunk of the broadcast and placed it online for the easy consumption. The clip features the host Ree Drummond (which is very difficult not to type as Rae Sremmurd) serving her hungry wing gobblers some “spicy Asian hot wings.” Well, she tries to. The gag is that everyone is horrified by such a prospect, jokes that they “can’t trust ’em”, and are rescued by good ol’ Merican wings.

Naturally, Thick Dumpling Skin editors were not happy with this confusing attempt at comedy at the expense of the Asian culinary tradition.

“Duh, right? There isn’t a single show on the Food Network hosted by someone Asian, unless you count Iron Chef (and we don’t),” reads text accompanying the clip. ” Why must we watch non-Asian cooks who can’t pronounce “Sriracha” and don’t have a chopstick drawer show us how to make our own dishes? And how come, when they do, we have to watch as their entire family mocks it — like in this episode of The Pioneer Woman?”

The frustration was palpable across Twitter too. For example…

The “this is political correctness run amok” crowd have also been chiming in, but let’s sort this out right away. That was bad television. Even if you don’t think it’s racist, it sure as sugar is an insane 30-second spot of cable TV. It looks like a Xanax spell turned sentient and made a break for Tim & Eric’s Channel 5. Who wastes wings as a prank?

C’mon, Food Network. There should be a butter stained reminder singed into your brain that tells you to be a little more alert and engaged with this sort of stuff. Also, don’t be a weird variety hating mutant with your chicken wings. Work on that, wing consumers.

(Via Thick Dumpling Skin & Eater)