Your ‘Eat Pizza, Watch Hoops, Travel The County, Get Paid $50K’ Dream Job Is Finally Here

Pizza Hut wants to make one sports fan’s super specific dream come true — by combing humanity’s undying love of pizza with American’s love of NCAA Division I college basketball. They’re offering a job to travel this great land of ours, eat pizza, and watch college hoops. Oh, and they’re planning to pay you $50,000 to do it. Everything about this seems too good to be true.

The one lucky applicant will be given the job title of “Pizza Hut All-American” and they’ll be shipped around the U.S. to all the championship Division I basketball games. That’s a lot of March Madness. David Daniels, VP of advertising over at Pizza Hut, promised that “this is one of those rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to experience something that no one has done before.” The whole job is centered around promoting that Pizza Hut is the new ordained official pizza of the NCAA. So expect to see all things NCAA on your pizza boxes in the coming months and years. That is, if you’re forced to order Pizza Hut — which… we won’t judge, pizza is pizza after all.

Pizza Hut’s actual flavor aside, who doesn’t want to travel America and get paid to watch basketball and eat pizza? To apply you have to live in the USA, love college sports and pizza, and submit your application by November 6th. Good luck!

(Via Pizza Hut)

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