This ‘Ranch Girl’ Viral Video Might Jumpstart A Ranch Resurgence


Flashback to 2009. The Obama years. 3G had just become a cellphone standard and a fresh-faced new rapper straight out of Degrassi High was turning heads with his first big single, “Best I Ever Had.” It was a different time. Americans were hopeful, though the seeds of our division had long been sewn. There were two Americas beginning to take shape. For every pizza lover who couldn’t eat a slice without dipping it in a side of ranch, there was another “foodie” (the term wasn’t cliche back then) ready to scoff at this most basic of condiments.

Over the next decade, the hit pieces kept coming. All the cool kids seemed to hate ranch. It seemed as though America would never be whole again.

Fast forward ten years, to the evening of February 18th, 2019 at the Airliner bar in Iowa City. On this fateful night, New York Senator — and 2020 Presidential candidate — Kristin Gillibrand fielded questions from prospective voters when something beautiful happened. It wasn’t a sweeping policy statement, or a rallying speech about togetherness, no.

It was the moment lovers of ranch dressing had been waiting for. The endorsement of the decade.

In video footage shot by CNN Political reporter DJ Judd and posted on his Twitter, while Senator Gillibrand talked of not backing away from her bold ideas, a patron of the bar tried to squeeze past her. Finally, the interloper had no choice but remark, “Sorry just trying to get some ranch.” Totally stealing the moment as the room erupted into laughter, with someone remarking “very Iowa.”

In the thread of tweets Judd posted about Gillibrand’s stance on various issues, it was the mention of Ranch Girl that garnered the most retweets, likes, and attention. The takeaway: we, as a country are absolutely doomed, but at least people can get behind ranch dressing again. Because even if you don’t care for the condiment, we can all appreciate Ranch Girl’s determination to get that ranch. Which makes us a better country than we were yesterday. Baby steps.

Check out the Ranch Girl love on Twitter below.