Someone Has Now Traded Their Car For The ‘Rick And Morty’ Szechuan Sauce From McDonald’s

The fury of the folks who went out to get the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce on Saturday has been reported at various stages at this point, casting a shadow over fans of Rick And Morty and others who were likely desperate to get their hands on the sauce and take advantage on eBay. The prices for the small packets are a little shocking considering they were free, with some even trying to sell tastes of the concoction for upwards of $60. But now that craziness might’ve been outdone by this insane trade that a Michigan woman made for her packet of sauce.

According to The Drive, Rachel Marie of Macomb, Michigan was offering her packet of Szechuan sauce on Facebook for a trade, hopefully for a collection of pins. What she got instead was an offer of a 2004 Volkswagen GTI, which even at its base level is a wild offer for a small packet of McDonald’s sauce:

The German hatch features Volkswagen’s 1.8-liter turbo 4-cylinder motor coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission, both of which options keep the car worth a bit more than its 2.0-liter and automatic counterparts.

“I didn’t even think I was going to get pin offers,” Rachel told us in an interview, “Then he offered the car.”

Now as The Drive points out, the man who sold the car is likely hoping to parlay his newly acquired sauce for something worth a little more than his old Volkswagen. If you just do a general estimation here, he’s likely looking for something more than the $5-6 thousand the car might’ve fetched used. But either way, Rachel Marie landed a car for a free packet of McDonald’s dipping sauce. If the restaurant does happen to bring the sauce back for a longer period, this trade has the possibility of going very bad. Still, you’re not trading a car unless you’re pretty sure you’ll be OK without it — we hope.

(Via The Drive / Eater / The AV Club)