Have Your Best Sex Ever In These Awesome Hotels


When you get right down to it, all you need for satisfying sex is some consenting people. Simple. But, that doesn’t mean that adding elements to that basic mix isn’t a hell of a lot of fun. Whether or not there is roleplaying or filming involved, setting the mood becomes a playful act of cinema. There are provocative costumes and props. Hell, there might be extras. One of the hardest things to craft (short of a remodel in your home) is the set. And at some point, a couple candles and new sheets isn’t cutting it. This is where a sexy hotel can come in.

A cheap room by the airport with its standard queen bed and easy to clean wallpaper might be sufficient for playing business person and sex worker with your eagerly consenting partner of choice, but there are options that are considerably better suited to excite the imagination and the body. There are sumptuously appointed dungeons made for spankings, lush jungle paradises that beg for the union of two bare bodies, and cheekily decorated rooms where the chic get naughty. Whatever your fantasy or fetish, there is a property designed to facilitate your fulfillment.

The list below includes hotels from across the globe and a few standout domestic options. Let them inspire you to move your sex life out of your home or car and into a space where you can let your imagination take over. Plus, you don’t have to clean up afterward.

Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Some people want a sleek, upscale hotel as the setting for their ideal amorous tryst. But, there is a whole other category of person who couldn’t possibly get in the mood if they felt like their tourism dollars were contributing negatively to the community in which they were staying. This pick is for those people.

Guests can put their minds at ease because this pioneering eco-lodge has its own organic farm and reforestation program. It’s also made up of secluded bungalows surrounded by tropical forest and set overlooking a gorgeous beach. If that kind of landscape doesn’t get you feeling sexy, the fact that you and your partner will spend most of your time clad only in swimwear (if that) lounging on hammock-style daybeds and dipping into waterfall plunge pools should convince you this is a sexy paradise.

And, if you like the idea of people hearing your moans and declarations of pleasure, you’re in luck because a lot of the walls around the property are just made of netting.

Sala Silvermine: Sala, Sweden