Have Your Best Sex Ever In These Awesome Hotels


When you get right down to it, all you need for satisfying sex is some consenting people. Simple. But, that doesn’t mean that adding elements to that basic mix isn’t a hell of a lot of fun. Whether or not there is roleplaying or filming involved, setting the mood becomes a playful act of cinema. There are provocative costumes and props. Hell, there might be extras. One of the hardest things to craft (short of a remodel in your home) is the set. And at some point, a couple candles and new sheets isn’t cutting it. This is where a sexy hotel can come in.

A cheap room by the airport with its standard queen bed and easy to clean wallpaper might be sufficient for playing business person and sex worker with your eagerly consenting partner of choice, but there are options that are considerably better suited to excite the imagination and the body. There are sumptuously appointed dungeons made for spankings, lush jungle paradises that beg for the union of two bare bodies, and cheekily decorated rooms where the chic get naughty. Whatever your fantasy or fetish, there is a property designed to facilitate your fulfillment.

The list below includes hotels from across the globe and a few standout domestic options. Let them inspire you to move your sex life out of your home or car and into a space where you can let your imagination take over. Plus, you don’t have to clean up afterward.

Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Some people want a sleek, upscale hotel as the setting for their ideal amorous tryst. But, there is a whole other category of person who couldn’t possibly get in the mood if they felt like their tourism dollars were contributing negatively to the community in which they were staying. This pick is for those people.

Guests can put their minds at ease because this pioneering eco-lodge has its own organic farm and reforestation program. It’s also made up of secluded bungalows surrounded by tropical forest and set overlooking a gorgeous beach. If that kind of landscape doesn’t get you feeling sexy, the fact that you and your partner will spend most of your time clad only in swimwear (if that) lounging on hammock-style daybeds and dipping into waterfall plunge pools should convince you this is a sexy paradise.

And, if you like the idea of people hearing your moans and declarations of pleasure, you’re in luck because a lot of the walls around the property are just made of netting.

Sala Silvermine: Sala, Sweden

Taking “love on the downlow” quite literally, the world’s deepest suite is over 500 feet below ground at the end of a winding former silver mine. That means you had better be super into the person with whom you share this 155-foot room because you are brought in by a guide via a lift, and they will not come back and get you out until morning.

With no cell phone or television to serve as a social buffer, you will have plenty of time to focus on each other in the luxurious double bed. Alternately, you could get passionate against the wall or on the floor of the mine. The temperature sits at about 64-degrees down there, but if the rough surroundings and the darkness bring out something primal in you, surely you and your partner can find a way to keep warm.

Kakslauttanen Igloo Village: Finland

Located near the Arctic Circle, Kakslauttanen Igloo Village is a collection of glass igloos designed with thermal walls to protect guests from the -22-degree temperatures outside. Housing only a toilet and a bed, the igloos are rather small. You pretty much have to get in bed and stay there, and you’ll want to, too — for more reasons than sex.

Your prone position will enable you to watch the Northern Lights fill the twinkling starry sky. From late August to the end of April the village is alight with swirls of rainbow-shaded beauty and they use a bell to signal when to look up, in case you get busy getting busy. Chances are, whether you are a romantic or not, you will have a hard time ignoring how transcendent your partner looks in this winter light.

Hotel Silken Puerta America: Madrid, Spain

There are theme hotels (which we love), but they can feel a little hokey when you are trying to commit to truly mind-blowing sex stuff. Sometimes, you need the setting to be creative and inspiring without leaning into the theatrical. Sometimes. This is the hotel for those times.

Hotel Silken Puerta America is what a theme hotel grows up to be: an artistic and architectural wonder with a different designer’s fingerprint on each floor. Do you relish the idea of an all-white room reminiscent of a Kubrick film? Perhaps, you think your partner’s naked body would be better showcased in a completely black room? Either is an option, as are rooms with mobile screen-printed panels that can be used to configure the space how you want it. All of the rooms are sleek and modern, and the variety of designer approaches means you could conceivably visit over and over again without having quite the same sexual experience.

The Caves Resort: Negril, Jamaica

We pushed you to stay in a mine; now, we are bringing up caves. Is encouraging you to insert yourself in a cavity some Freudian shit? Maybe. But, mostly, we think a hotel should set a mood and the raw nature of these kinds of hotels makes tapping into primitive impulses a little easier.

Don’t worry, this isn’t just a cave you stay in. The Caves Resort is carved into a limestone cliff and is composed of private cottages that sit over a maze of sea caves. Just steps from each one are cavernous holes that are great for diving. When you aren’t playing sexy cave people, enjoy the spa, jacuzzi, sauna, private hot tub, and saltwater swimming pool. And, the resort’s signature Blackwell Rum Bar is not to be missed. A few of their tropical cocktails and you will be racing back to your villa for more erotic hijinks.

Seven Hotel: Paris, France

We return, once again, to the theme hotel (we said we loved them). Seven Hotel does offer themed suites, but most of them are more well-designed spaces than hard and fast commitments to a specific aesthetic. However, there are two that take their themes more seriously: the Secret Agent Suite and the Cabaret Suite.

Of the two, we are big fans of the James Bond-inspired room, which is awash in 007 references and — like Bond himself — stays sexy as hell. Designed by Agence Bastie, the mod-styled suite references 60s-era spy films with sleek leather and gold accents (including a golden toilet). It’s the ideal setting for seducing sexy ingénues or being seduced by femme fatales. And, as the shower stall is big enough for four, you might even try for both.

If you need a breather, the room comes with a complete set of Bond films to watch on a big screen.

Paradise Beach: St. Thomas’ Parish, Nevis

A lot of great sex has to do with getting out of your head and letting go, but many people find that impossible to do when the stress of daily life hangs heavily from their shoulders. That’s the wonder of a good vacation; they aren’t called getaways for nothing. So, if you need to truly leave your normal life as far away as possible, Paradise Beach could not be more perfect.

Looking for romance and seclusion? You will have to fly to St. Kitts, grab a taxi to the water ferry that will take you to Nevis, and then grab a taxi to the resort. Secluded enough for you? As for the romance, the place is pure island sex appeal with Balinese-inspired bungalows that have private terrace pools, hammocks, sunken bathtubs, outdoor showers, and a private beach.

There is a high degree of luxury and privacy here, meaning you don’t have to stick to the bed for sex.

Provocateur Suite at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: Las Vegas, Nevada

Clearly designed for a high roller with an interest in the erotics of power, the Provocateur Suite isn’t shy about asserting it’s a place for people to fuck. This Mark Zeff-designed penthouse suite uses supple and smooth textures and juxtaposes them with tough and shiny ones to create a mood that’s… marginally subtle.

The personal playroom stocked with shackles, whips, and a human-sized birdcage are more overt. And no playroom would be complete without a St. Andrew’s Cross, a large X with restraints at each end, keeping the subject held in place spread-eagled. In one of the two master suites, there is an “enormous” bed the size of three queen mattresses that is perfect for a large group, if that’s your thing. And, when you are done whipping and/or being whipped, everyone can take a break in the deluxe private pool overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

Viceroy Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Many of the hotels on this list host families with children, which can really ruin the mood when you are trying to get your flirt on at the pool or have a romantic meal in the restaurant. But Viceroy Riviera Maya is adults-only and made entirely of private villas built for sexiness.

Each villa has a private plunge pool and outdoor shower with room for two set against a wild jungle backdrop. The staff is invested in setting the mood with services like the Plunge Pool Turndown, which involves flower petals and lanterns rimming the pool, and the Aphrodisiac Shower Experience, with a circle of candles around the outdoor shower and a supply of sensual soaps (made with honey from the resort’s hive), massage oils, and wine.

When you aren’t making the most of your room, there is a spa to enjoy, as well as opportunities for fishing, horseback riding, sailing, and scuba diving.

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The Saint Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Saint Hotel encourages guests to “Play Naughty, Sleep Saintly,” but their Archangel Lucifer Suite does its best to make the second half of the motto a little difficult. Chances are the general vibe of New Orleans and the endless cocktails will combine to get you frisky from the get-go, and this suite will allow you to give into every wild urge you have in absolutely sinful luxury.

The two bedroom, two and a half bathroom dwelling is awash in black, red, and gold with eight floor-to-ceiling windows surrounded in deep red velvet. Furnishings are refinished Victorian antiques, giving this suite a bordello feel that is perfect for dirty deeds. The real kicker is the private stage with a dance pole, mirror ball, music, and stage lighting. Walk just outside the hotel into the French Quarter and visit a few strip clubs before you return to your suite and try out the moves you learned on your own stage.

Hotel Edgar: Paris, France

Another property boasting a variety of designers, Hotel Edgar is home to 12 unique rooms with their own aesthetics. There are no theme rooms, but each design scheme is evocative and lends itself to a mood. Ebony Rock, designed by a scenographer and a stylist at Chanel, was inspired by a photographic darkroom, and it is layer upon layer of black.

Guests are invited to take note of the textures of the wood, metal, and stone that are highlighted by the absence of color. In this same vein, bodies in that space pull focus by the very nature of being multi-colored. You will find yourself newly aware the tones of your partner’s lips, the flecks of color in their eyes, and way your skin contrasts with theirs when you come together. With a new appreciation for each other, you can have some of the best sex of your life.

Amboise Troglodyte: Amboise, France

Yes, it’s another cave hotel. We just cannot get enough of the rough-hewn walls and classic period furniture at this Loire Valley accommodation. It may be the claw foot tub set atop a natural stage that is our favorite aspect of the room. It begs for long languid bathing in full view of the bed. Begin a seduction early in your stay by running a bubble bath for your partner and washing them clean before you get dirty.

Take some time away from your room to tour local wineries and/or visit the market along the Amboise riverbank. Is anything better after a day getting buzzed on some of the best wine in the world and feeding each other locally produced cheeses and meats than to spend the night exploring your partner’s body?

Pocono Palace Resort: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

This list has a lot of bucket list hotels on it that are in exotic locales and designed by famed visionaries. The Pocono Palace Resort is not that. For people who enjoy appreciating things ironically and can’t get enough of the 80s, we have found the hotel for you, and it’s good.

There are many romantic suite options at the Pocono Palace Resort, but we suggest you splurge on the Roman Tower — which includes not only a seven-foot champagne glass whirlpool bath but a private heated heart-shaped pool. And there is a massage table with heat lamp, so you can take turns helping each other get your kinks out. When your muscles are loose and your bodies are warm, make your way to the round king-size bed and look up at the celestial ceiling. Given that this hotel veers more toward vintage porn set than contemporary romance factory, it might be ideal for making some adult films of your own.

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Hotel Amour; Paris, France
The name pretty much says it all. This is a hotel for romancing couples, but the design is also pure cool kid — so don’t expect clichés. Graffiti artist/nightclub baron André Saraiva, hotelier Thierry Costes and restaurateur Emmanuelle Delavenne combined forces to create a quirky, Instagram-ready boutique property that is also a little racy.

Halls are black and lead to 42 vintage-styled rooms with retro furniture scored at flea markets and junk shops, as well as erotic artwork. Located in Pigalle, amongst the adult shops and cinemas, this love hotel isn’t shy about its role in its guest’s lives. It wants you to be randy. It wants you to have sex. And it stands in silent support of every debauched act you explore within its four walls. Start your night hanging out with fine, young Parisians in the hotel’s trendy bar and sneak away when you can’t keep your hands off of each other anymore.

Library Hotel: New York City, New York

You can easily strike up something sensual in any of the rooms in the Library Hotel, located down the block from the city’s famous Public Library, but to get the best possible sexual experience, you have to book the Love Room, the only one on the property with a terrace overlooking Madison Avenue. That’s not the only bonus to this property. There’s also an erotica book collection that was curated by Dr. Ruth.

If dirty talk gets your motor revving, try reading some truly exceptional erotica with your partner. Given how important being mentally stimulated is to getting physically stimulated, this is the best possible foreplay. If you’re interested, you can also order an Erotica Package to your room that includes Veuve Clicquot champagne, a dozen red roses, chocolates, and illustrated Kama Sutra, and a pleasure kit with items like handcuffs and a soft whip.

The Drake Hotel: Toronto, Canada NEW

A small Canadian boutique hotel, The Drake Hotel is a nineteen-room accommodation with a corner café, roof top patio, and basement nightclub. And it dates back to 1890. But banish any ideas you have that this place is packed with dusty antiques and octogenarians looking for high tea. It is a completely hip, arts-focused, cultural hub that attracts creative types from across the globe. They are drawn to the design and the fact that there is a full-time art curator. And some of them a for sure down with the “pleasure menu” (it was the first in North America), featuring goodies from Come as You Are, the world’s first worker-owned cooperative sex shop.

We say you take The Drake up on their Pillow Fight Package, which comes with a bottle of the hotel’s Starving Artist red or white wine, a $100 dining credit to the hotel’s creative cuisine, and a gift package from Come as You Are. For some reason, it does not come with a bunch of fluffy feather pillows to beat each other with, so you will have to find another way to get your heart rate up and your cheeks pink.

InnThrall: Seattle, Washington NEW

There are some kinky B&Bs across the globe, but they often get shuttered or are so small and niche that getting a room takes ages. That is not the case with InnThrall; this bondage-heavy lodging offers a private suite that includes a large play space, a bondage wall, a cage, a versatile bench, a bunch of safe sex supplies, some very intentionally placed mirrors, and a queen-sized bed with bondage points in place. Plus, you get an organic, locally sourced breakfast. And if you want to get out of your bedroom. There is an adjacent lounge where you can enjoy erotic art and quaff a water or electrolyte beverage to help your body bounce back after a vigorous session.

If you need additional space in which to play, you can upgrade and have access to the Libertine Hall, a 700 square foot space with a fireplace, a St. Andrew’s Cross, a cage, a Victorian parlor with costume area, a spanking bench, a fucking machine, a gurney, a lift chair, a sling chair, a medical exam area, and more. If you have a kinky fantasy, this is the place to make it a reality.

Crazy Bear Hotel Beaconsfield: Beaconsfield, England NEW

A decadent space filled with opulent accents at every turn, the Crazy Bear Hotel is the kind of setting that begs for guests to get in tough with their inner hedonist. Think huge chandeliers, gold leaf, fur, velvet, and leather everywhere you turn. You might not think the trophy heads of animals that wear crystal necklaces and are mounted on the walls are the stuff that makes for good foreplay, but you can’t deny that they set a mood, and that mood is rich and a bit deviant. Carry it with you when you escape to one of the 45 individually decorated rooms. We like the suites with copper roll top baths that are filled from the ceiling. It is a real luxury to move from the bath to the bed and back again in a few steps across a leather floor.

If you are more into sensual showers than baths, don’t worry. Many of the rooms have nero marble and porcelain wet rooms with unbelievable showers and heated floors. There literally won’t be a space in your room that isn’t a tactile feast waiting for you to take advantage of it. These rooms also make for great photo backgrounds, so bring a camera and have a full boudoir fantasy photo shoot.

Hotel Beni East (Adults Only): Osaka, Japan NEW

If you are visiting Japan, there are a lot of luxury hotels and capsule hotels that you should visit, but they won’t give you the option of a room with a “dream love chair” (a device used specifically for making the most out of sex. That’s where adults-only hotels come into play, and Hotel Beni East specifically. Heck, you can even rent video game consoles for those times when you are spent and just want to play some Kingdom Hearts. Expect all the fine furnishings you would get at any traditional hotel with the added benefit that this is a love hotel and therefore you won’t be running across any family or kids. You have to be eighteen to stay here.

The 60 rooms on the property are very spacious, but certain amenities, like the love chair, are only available in specific rooms, so be sure to book ahead of time and to be clear about what you need, which could include a sauna, massage chair, microbubble bath, handcuffs and shackles, or a rocking chair. We have also heard reports that couples can order cosplay outfits and health and beauty devices if those fit into their fantasies, so ask about every option (not just those on the website) during your booking and your stay.

Temptation Resort: Cancun, Mexico

Looking for accommodations that bring the party, then you can stop searching because the Temptation Resort in the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone is exactly what you need. Dubbed a “playground for grown-ups,” this hotel is a 21+ property that serves as the ideal setting for free spirits to go without their tops and take advantage of signature activities both day and night. For sure spend some time by the pool sunning yourself and meeting new people, then hit up She, an aphrodisiac restaurant that serves a multi-course meal that is sure to leave you experiencing pleasure in new ways. There is also Bash, the nightspot known for it’s DJs and musical acts. The whole resort is centered on keeping people active, entertained, and a little turned on.

When you are all worked up, take things back to one of the trendy, custom-designed rooms and get busy. The 430 rooms and suites are decorated to evoke the sensuality of the human body. There are a lot of smooth textures, long lines, and soft curves. And it’s more expensive to get an oceanfront one, but we swear it’s worth it because the views and the sounds of the ocean are the perfect backdrop for a day spent exploring your partner.