Here Is How To Get A Free Cheeseburger At Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Cheeseburgers are a near perfect food, we love to look at them, eat them, and argue about them. Endlessly. The only thing better than a great tasting cheeseburger is a great tasting FREE cheeseburger, and now you can celebrate Christmas all over again with this free burger deal at Shake Shack. We’d also be totally down to replace Christmas with some type of free burger exchange or hell, replace the image of Santa himself with McDonald’s Mayor McCheese.

Sorry, we’re getting sidetracked. From now until January 2nd, when placing an order through the Shake Shack app you can claim a free Single Shack Burger when you make a minimum purchase of $10. Give that free burger to a friend, or reach the minimum by splurging on a shake and a set of loaded fries. A cheeseburger sounds like a great way to close out the year in delicious fashion.

The promotional code can only be used once, so if you were hoping you can go on some type of wild Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas-style binge from now until January 2nd, you can’t. Please note that this deal only works at standalone Shake Shacks so airports and stadium locations are excluded. Now go get that burger!