Starbucks Has ‘Easter Cups’ Now But Please Don’t Make It A Controversy

03.10.17 2 years ago 7 Comments

In a move that should surprise no one (but will also likely put the internet into an uproar), Starbucks has decided to release special cups for Spring. Despite the chain’s history of riling (a few overly aggressive) people up over their designs, the powers that be have decided to switch things up once again.


These cups might be Starbuck’s least offensive yet. But could that alone cause controversy? After all, they aren’t technically Easter-themed cups, they are spring-themed — marking the first time Starbucks has celebrated the coming of Spring in cup form. War on Easter? And aren’t those eggs? Aren’t they somehow related to… something? We need to get mad!

Sorry, these are 100% innocuous. Nothing to bother anyone. The cups most closely resemble the infamous Twitter eggs that are commonly found in the profiles of trolls (shots fired against trolls! The war on Twitter trolls!). They’re made to be hand-drawn upon by the baristas (or guests) in any number of Spring-themed designs like a sun, an umbrella or the strange, alternate version of your name Starbucks employees like to use. If there’s going to be a complaint, it’ll be about all the sharpie fumes.

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