The Starbucks Holiday Cup Apparently Has A Gay Agenda And, Thank God, Everyone Is Chill About It

When it’s bitter cold and the last of the leaves are falling, there’s nothing nicer than a hot cup of coffee or even a decadent mocha. Hot beverages on cold days seem like the least political thing in the world — until you take a closer look at your coffee cup. Then, the horror of the liberal agenda descends upon you, and you realize, not even your coffee is safe.

To what am I referring? Oh, just the Starbucks holiday cup. Yes, the same limited edition cup that has been a lightning rod for controversy for the past few years is at it again. First, Starbucks pushed a non-denominational, unity-blah-blah liberal agenda. And now, this year’s cup is totally gay. And BuzzFeed has the receipts.

When Starbucks announced this year’s holiday cup on Nov. 1, it went over pretty well. Sure, it’s not red, but it has red in it, and presents, and a Christmas tree. It’s pretty clearly holiday-themed. One might even say it’s Christmas-themed, which is perhaps why the people who boycotted Starbucks in 2015 and 2016 for “taking the Jesus out of Christmas” and pushing a “political brainwashing” multicultural agenda have been relatively quiet.

See for yourself:

But don’t for one second think that the liberal, gay, mass-market coffee agenda has been defeated. Because the couple holding hands on the front of the cup, above the mermaid? Those are lesbians. At least—if you take BuzzFeed reporter Venessa Wong’s word for it.

As Wong has pointed out, Starbucks released an ad for this year’s holiday cup, which prominently featured hand-holding, present-wrapping, tree-decorating— and a lesbian couple.

And some are postulating that the pair of hands on the top of the cup are those women.

The crazy thing? All is quiet on the #BoycottStarbucks front.

Despite the fact that the alt-right has a well-documented obsession with Starbucks, and in the recent past Trump supporters and Christians have taken their anger at perceived persecution of white Americans out on the coffee company, this year has been pretty quiet. It’s pretty surprising, given that, in 2015, people were enraged that the Starbucks cup was just a simple red cup, no Christmas tableaux. Similarly, in 2016, Starbucks released a green “unity” cup, featuring 100 people drawn in one continuous line, which boycotters said was anti-Trump and part of the “liberal agenda.”

But they’re apparently cool with a perceived queer couple holding hands on this year’s cup — as long as there is a gosh darn Christmas tree. Which, hey, we’ll take it. Spreading the gay agenda, one sneaky lesbian couple at a time.

(via Buzzfeed)