Five New Oreos Are Coming Soon And None Of Them Sound Like Garbage

05.15.19 3 months ago


Have you always been just a little bit sad that you missed living through the Summer of Love? Well, it’s time to let go of that FOMO once and for all, friends. You now get to live through an even sexier kind of summer — the summer of Oreos. That’s right. We live in amazing times.

Everyone’s favorite Nabisco brand cookie is set to drop not one, but five new flavors this summer. And this time around, it looks like we won’t be getting any trash stunt flavors. No Game of Thrones nonsense, no comic book character tie-ins — just good old fashioned sandwich cookies that don’t sound like flavors a mad-scientist thought up to hurt us. Looking at you, Limeade Oreos.

The five flavors will drop separately throughout the summer, with one flavor available starting today. The Oreo S’mores — a crowd favorite — is in stores now. Share them around a campfire, or eat them alone in your room to the glow of your laptop computer screen, either way, they’re delicious. Chocolate, marshmallow Oreo cream, graham cracker style cookie — there’s no going wrong with that combo. As for the other four flavors, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to taste them.

According to Food & Wine, the Latte Oreo Thins will drop sometime in June, followed by the Apollo 11-honoring Marshmallow Moon Oreos in mid-June. July will satiate our need for ice cream by bringing us the Baskin-Robbins tie-in Mint Chocolate Chip flavor, followed by the Maple Creme Oreo in late August, complete with autumnal packaging to signal the change of seasons. This is fitting, as Oreos have always been the only way we’ve been able to understand the passage of time. How old am I? Seven-thousand-Oreos-eaten-years old. What Oreo o’clock should I take my medicine? Eight-Oreos-past-dinner.

Check out photos of all five flavors below and get hyped for a summer filled with sex, drugs, and Oreo tastings.


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