These Are The Coolest ‘Game of Thrones’ Food And Drink Collabs To Serve For The Premiere

04.10.19 3 months ago


It’s crazy that this is the last year we’ll be forced to hear the phrase, “winter is coming”. Sure, that’s mostly because global temperature rise might destroy us all, but also, because this weekend marks the premiere of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. For eight years we’ve been waiting for an army of dead people to cross a wall, to find out if the totally-hot-for-each other leads are actually auntie and cousin, and to see our most hated characters get what’s coming to them. Will season eight give us everything we’ve been waiting for? Hard to say, but we’re skeptical. Final seasons of almost decade-long television shows rarely live up to people’s impossible expectations. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to go all out on premiere parties and theories.

With the buzz in the air, restaurants and food brands are racing to come up with awesome food and drink collaborations to celebrate. And since we want to make our viewing parties as authentic as possible, we’re obsessed with all the Game of Thrones items that will get everyone into the spirit — without even having to murder all of our guests red wedding style. “You said you wanted to cosplay, Greg. Try to die with a little dignity for once. Jeez.”

So, whether you’re eager to order a burger in High Valyrian, or just need that extra something to make your event a little more epic this weekend, these are the coolest Game of Thrones related food and drinks to mark the beginning of the end.

Oreo Enters The Game of Thrones

We don’t know about you, but whenever we watch Game of Thrones, we constantly think about which House would have the backing and support of Nabisco — the makers of the near perfect cookie known as the Oreo. Does the sandwich cookie’s allegiance belong to the Starks, the Targaryens or *gasp* the White Walkers?! Turns out, the people at Oreo aren’t exactly sure either.

Since April 2nd, the cookie brand has been selling their special line of Game of Thrones Oreos stamped with the sigils of some of the houses of Westeros. Show what side you’re rooting for ahead of the premiere with these special cookies. Also, watch the hilariously epic ad above.


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