TikTok’s Mustard-On-Watermelon Food Trend Is A Dark Omen For Summer ’21

Here in the Uproxx Life section, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the arrival of summer. After we’ve all spent over a year in quarantine, it’s going to feel great to get out there with our friends, rub shoulders with some strangers, drink, get high, and just generally celebrate life. At least we thought it would feel great, but this week people have been putting f*cking mustard on watermelon so who really knows anymore?

Did we forget what the summer is supposed to be? Because this ain’t it, fam. Mustard on watermelon sounds downright brutal.

As is the case with most things weird, we have TikTok to thank for this one, specifically the user Yayayayummy, who is largely credited with starting the trend.

“Watermelon and yellow mustard trust me on this, it is so good,” says Yayayayummy. [Nope, don’t trust him. We just tried it, it tastes exactly like you’d expect.] “Grab yourself a juicy watermelon, cut that baby up… get yourself some French’s Yellow Mustard, it has to be French’s, pour that sucker on, and cheers. It’s so tangy, it’s so vinegary and it matches so well with the watermelon’s sweet juiciness. Trust me, this is so good!”

Sorry Ya, we don’t trust anyone who says “trust me” twice in a paragraph. Trust us on that.

By all means, if you think this even might be good, go ahead and give it a try, but we’re almost certain this is a foul marriage of flavors, just low at how it made Lizzo react!


#stitch with @yayayayummy ummmm I ended up just eating it w tajin 🤭

♬ original sound – lizzo

We gotta give it to Lizzo, she begins the video with a sigh and says “alright, I’ve been seeing this shit on the internet” but was still brave enough to give this a fair shot. She even double-dipped to see if she might’ve been missing something, but her “huh?!” says it all. This is just as weird as it sounds.

Let’s check what the rest of TikTok thinks.



As we dug deeper into TikTok, we found way too many users who agreed with Ya that this was good, so… maybe it is and we’re being too judgemental here? We kind of feel like the majority of people are just trolling, though. We won’t fall for it TikTok. Not this time.

Seriously, if this is how TikTok is kicking off summer 2021, what will the rest of the summer season bring us?