Tillamook Is Giving Out A Literal Ton Of Cheese For National Cheddar Day


Today is National Cheddar Day! Surprised? You should be, because this is cheddar cheese’s first year of inclusion in the ever-expanding National Day calendar. To mark the occasion, dairy producer Tillamook is giving out a ton of free cheese in select cities. Yes, a literal ton. Tillamook will be giving out two-pound loaves of medium cheddar cheese to the first 1,000 people who use the hashtag #NationalCheddarDay and tag @Tillamook in a post across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Has it ever been easier to score free cheese?! Just think of how many plates of nachos you can make with a two-pound block of Cheddar! It’s a lot of cheese.

If you want in on free cheese, you’re not too late. Currently, Tillamook is giving out the 1,000 blocks of cheese to cheeseheads in Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. If Tillamook selects you, you’ll have to confirm your delivery address and they’ll get your block of cheddar out to you today. Which means as you read this there are people out there who have the job of delivering free cheese across five American cities. Life is a beautiful and strange thing.

We’re assuming not everyone is confirming their addresses because Tillamook’s Twitter account seems to be announcing winners every second!

Check out these happy cheese lovers who have already gotten their blocks and get to posting if you want some free cheese!