Trump Ordered ‘Catsup’ On His Overly Well-Done (AKA Burnt) Steak And Everyone Had Jokes

02.27.17 2 years ago 26 Comments

Over the weekend, Donald Trump ditched his press pool to order a steak and cover it in ketchup. Well, ‘catsup’ according to the restaurant’s waiter who must have come here from a time machine from 1815 just to get a job at Chef David Burke’s BLT Prime restaurant in Trump’s DC hotel.

It’s well known that Donald Trump likes his steaks well-done — a major faux-pax in the food world. Mostly because ordering a steak well-done means you either a) don’t like to taste things or b) don’t trust the chef to cook something that isn’t going to make you sick. And we all know that Trump has a lot of phobias, especially about food and germs because we elected a fraidy cat to lead our military.

Well if there was one thing to put on a burnt piece of beef, it’d probably be ketchup. So there’s that, we suppose.

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